A Surya Prakash

Dealing with a Rajya Sabha roadblock

Two important legislative measures are stalled because the government of the day does not have a majority in the Upper House

13 Feb 2018

First blow to minority appeasement

The Narendra Modi government’s decision to withdraw the subsidy given to Haj pilgrims is the first major initiative to reverse a policy which reeked of pseudo-secularism and minority appeasement.

30 Jan 2018

Flushing out dirty money from politics

The Centre’s new electoral bond scheme may not be the panacea for all ills dogging the political system, but it’s a beginning

16 Jan 2018

NOTA not insignificant anymore

In the Gujarat polls, there were 21 seats in which the votes polled by NOTA were greater than the margin between the first two candidates

02 Jan 2018

Stopping the evil of defections

The vice president suspended two JD(U) MPs from Rajya Sabha citing anti-defection law. Here are some lessons from the ruling

22 Dec 2017

Rahul’s futile prayers at somnath

Nehru, Rahul Gandhi’s great-grandfather, tried to stop the reconstruction of the Somnath temple. India has not forgotten that

05 Dec 2017

Padmavati row: the real culprits

The irrational response to the movie is due to the deep distrust among Hindus over the history of India written by Nehruvian and Marxist historians

21 Nov 2017

The iron man must get his due

There has been a sustained effort to keep us in the dark on Sardar Patel’s achievements, the biggest of which was the unification of India

07 Nov 2017

Cleansing electoral politics

The outcome of two cases in the Supreme Court will determine how far we advance in ensuring the accountability of elected representatives

24 Oct 2017

United we vote, united we rise

Larger national interest demands synchronised elections. Petty political views should not be allowed to derail the process

10 Oct 2017

Rohingyas and our bleeding hearts

Is it prudent to look the other way when people who have fought many bloody communal wars since 1948 infiltrate into India?

26 Sep 2017

Bring down the curtain on censorship

We have to do away with the notion that the CBFC—which is a film certification body—is a film censoring authority

29 Aug 2017

Lessons from the row over Indu Sarkar

Congress’ cacophony over the movie is expected. But it is the deafening silence of the Lutyens’ citizenry that is baffling

01 Aug 2017

The battle between two estates

In all major cases involving over-sensitive legislatures and the media, the Houses have had to bow to judicial opinion

04 Jul 2017

Emergency villains who got away

The 42nd anniversary of Indira’s horror approaches. The Shah Commission slammed its protagonists. How did they fare?

20 Jun 2017