A Surya Prakash

How Congress perfected corruption

During the Nehru era, the Congress often collected funds from industrialists and businessmen, which at times landed the party and the government in trouble.

26 Mar 2019

Pulwama:India wants retribution 

India has never before witnessed such a nationwide cry to settle scores.

26 Feb 2019

Bharat Ratna and the Congress first family 

The Modi government’s decision to honour Hazarika with the Bharat Ratna reminds one of the Atal Bihari Vajpayee government’s decision to honour Gopinath Bordoloi, a great patriot.

29 Jan 2019

Rajiv, Modi and Muslim women

While disposing of this case, the court, in its 3-2 judgment, made certain observations fundamental to this issue.

01 Jan 2019

1984 riots: the long road to justice

Stranger still, the then government did not appeal to a higher court seeking more severe punishment given the brutal acts committed by these persons.

04 Dec 2018

Patel deserves the statue,  and much more

When the British left the country, they gave all the princely states three options—to declare their independence, accede to India or accede to Pakistan.

06 Nov 2018

Who will stem the rot in legislatures?

Over the years the apex court has spearheaded measures to ensure that voters have adequate information on election candidates.

09 Oct 2018

Rubbing salt into Sikhs’ wounds 

The anti-Sikh pogrom began almost immediately after the government announced on the evening of 31 October 1984 that Indira Gandhi had succumbed to the bullets of her assassins.

11 Sep 2018

Uniform civil code: How did we get here?

The decision of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board to establish Sharia courts in all districts across the country has stirred up a controversy.

17 Jul 2018

Recalling Ambedkar’s Advice

Babasaheb said violent protests imperil democracy. People agitating over the apex court verdict on SC/ST Act must keep this in mind

24 Apr 2018

Nip Secession demands in the bud 

Three generations of Indians have toiled over 70 years to bind this nation together. And now some reckless voices are calling for secession

10 Apr 2018

Stopping the evil of defections

The vice president suspended two JD(U) MPs from Rajya Sabha citing anti-defection law. Here are some lessons from the ruling

22 Dec 2017

Padmavati row: the real culprits

The irrational response to the movie is due to the deep distrust among Hindus over the history of India written by Nehruvian and Marxist historians

21 Nov 2017

The iron man must get his due

There has been a sustained effort to keep us in the dark on Sardar Patel’s achievements, the biggest of which was the unification of India

07 Nov 2017

Cleansing electoral politics

The outcome of two cases in the Supreme Court will determine how far we advance in ensuring the accountability of elected representatives

24 Oct 2017