A Surya Prakash

Rahul’s futile prayers at somnath

Nehru, Rahul Gandhi’s great-grandfather, tried to stop the reconstruction of the Somnath temple. India has not forgotten that

05 Dec 2017

United we vote, united we rise

Larger national interest demands synchronised elections. Petty political views should not be allowed to derail the process

10 Oct 2017

Rohingyas and our bleeding hearts

Is it prudent to look the other way when people who have fought many bloody communal wars since 1948 infiltrate into India?

26 Sep 2017

Bring down the curtain on censorship

We have to do away with the notion that the CBFC—which is a film certification body—is a film censoring authority

29 Aug 2017

Emergency villains who got away

The 42nd anniversary of Indira’s horror approaches. The Shah Commission slammed its protagonists. How did they fare?

20 Jun 2017

Slaughter ban started at the court

The Centre’s restrictions on cattle slaughter have nothing to do with the consumption of beef or cow protection

06 Jun 2017

Ayodhya case: the Answers are out there

ASI had concluded that a temple existed below the disputed structure in Ayodhya. These facts cannot be wished away

09 May 2017

Let's not punish family planning

Lok Sabha seats should’nt be increased without giving weightage to states which diligently follow population control.

25 Apr 2017

It's either EVM or booth capturing

The introduction of VVPAT has weakened the usual argument against the credibility of using Electronic Voting Machines.

12 Apr 2017

Parliament should crack the whip

The Gaikwad episode would never have taken place had the House punished MPs who misbehaved in the past.

27 Mar 2017

The unknown who fund our parties

About 70 per cent of the funds donated to political parties from 2004-15 came from ‘unknown sources’, says a recent analysis

31 Jan 2017

Beyond bitter elections

The outcome of the upcoming Assembly elections, particularly UP, will influence the presidential polls to be held in July

17 Jan 2017

The court and the anthem

Is the recent Supreme Court order on playing National Anthem in cinema halls a violation of fundamental rights?

06 Dec 2016

Time to revamp rusty bureaucracy

The new India that Modi wishes to build will need a new administrative setup

22 Nov 2016

Shayara bano the turning point?

Opposing triple talaq, the Centre has said gender equality is ‘non-negotiable’

24 Oct 2016

Is this 'Indian' National Congress?

These politicians do not seem to realise that in their bid to indulge in crass politics, they have hurt sentiments of every soldier

12 Oct 2016

'Shoot them and hang them in the passes'

As India seeks retribution, here are some lessons from the past

27 Sep 2016

Antony, Salman — wah! What a cacophony!

No one has witnessed so much confusion at the top for so long and on so many issues in India’s oldest political party

30 Aug 2016

Cow vigilantes encourage hindu-bashing

The self-styled cow protectors are doing a terrible disservice to the prevailing national consensus against cow slaughter

15 Aug 2016

Babri and Rao: spurious tomes stand exposed

Sitapati’s Half Lion — How PV Narasimha Rao Transformed India, is the first scholarly effort to correct historical distortions

19 Jul 2016

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