Archanaa Seker

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Are you a ‘safe’ woman, ready to build a safe space for others?

My phone buzzed to indicate the arrival of an image in a WhatsApp group.

09 Jan 2018

New Year Resolution 2018: Love and accept your body

My oldest friend got married this week.

02 Jan 2018

Has thelist and feminist hopes for 2018

Curated lists and round-ups crowd the news space now, eliminating any doubt that the year is up already...that is if you were ever in denial about it.

26 Dec 2017

A week spent binging on feminism in media

I was scoffed at when I decided to include ‘media glutton’ in the bio for this column.

19 Dec 2017

Being fat, falling in love and where life takes me

The pop-culture I have grown up with, not just of yesterday’s and today’s but of all the eras bygone — from Shankuntala to Shakespeare and Samuthirakani of the last instant, have all shown me a world

12 Dec 2017

Divided by different sectors of labour, united by discriminatory life experiences

Bang in the middle of the ongoing 16-day campaign against gender based violence, I was at an all day consultation on women and work.

05 Dec 2017

There’s a need to define gender roles and privileges in households

Juice, a short film directed by Neeraj Ghaywan forces our focus onto the patriarchy within households.

28 Nov 2017

The defenders of culture and its deviant women

After Magalir Mattum I was afraid that the onus of women’s empowerment would be on heroines making a comeback.

21 Nov 2017

Here’s why Nayanthara is bigger than a ‘mass’ hero

Since its release on Friday last, Nayanthara starrer Aramm has been the talk of tinsel town.

14 Nov 2017

Stereotypes take a back seat in Aval

The horror film Aval directed by Milind Rau and starring a brilliant Anisha Angelina Victor alongside Andrea Jeremiah and Siddharth released last week.

08 Nov 2017

Play trick or treat to make social media less scary

You could belong to a rare species that has been living under a rock and has completely missed the feminist furore of the week on social media.

31 Oct 2017

Challenge the predator, even if they are film stars

There are three kinds of women associated with Tamil cinema. One, the actors, objectified and hyper-sexualized, wanted by all till she becomes either too old or a man’s wife.

24 Oct 2017

Whispers of women that led to #MeToo campaign

What #metoo has done effectively is to show everyone that the problem is real, and that harassment is a huge part of our global culture.

17 Oct 2017

Penn, they don’t make them like these anymore!

If I manage to arrive home before the others are asleep, I settle in front of the TV with my dinner and end up watching Tamil serials that the family is glued to.

11 Oct 2017