Archanaa Seker

There’s a need to define gender roles and privileges in households

Juice, a short film directed by Neeraj Ghaywan forces our focus onto the patriarchy within households.

28 Nov 2017

The defenders of culture and its deviant women

After Magalir Mattum I was afraid that the onus of women’s empowerment would be on heroines making a comeback.

21 Nov 2017

Here’s why Nayanthara is bigger than a ‘mass’ hero

Since its release on Friday last, Nayanthara starrer Aramm has been the talk of tinsel town.

14 Nov 2017

Stereotypes take a back seat in Aval

The horror film Aval directed by Milind Rau and starring a brilliant Anisha Angelina Victor alongside Andrea Jeremiah and Siddharth released last week.

08 Nov 2017

Play trick or treat to make social media less scary

You could belong to a rare species that has been living under a rock and has completely missed the feminist furore of the week on social media.

31 Oct 2017

Challenge the predator, even if they are film stars

There are three kinds of women associated with Tamil cinema. One, the actors, objectified and hyper-sexualized, wanted by all till she becomes either too old or a man’s wife.

24 Oct 2017

Penn, they don’t make them like these anymore!

If I manage to arrive home before the others are asleep, I settle in front of the TV with my dinner and end up watching Tamil serials that the family is glued to.

11 Oct 2017

Magalir Mattum, and little acts of courage that feminists dismiss

I had a ‘to write or not to write’ dilemma after I watched Director Bramma’s Magalir Mattum that stars Bhanupriya, Jyothika, Urvashi, and Saranya.

03 Oct 2017

Culture, consent, and conversations around rape

Mahmood Farooqui, co-director of the film Peepli Live, was sentenced to seven years in jail by a trial court for the rape of a US researcher.

26 Sep 2017

Why ask actresses if they’re feminists?

Am I a feminist? I don’t know.

19 Sep 2017

A Feminist Manifesto for the media

At the recently concluded Asia Pacific Feminist Forum held in Chiang Mai, Thailand, a feisty bunch of resisters, persisters and sisters (as the participants of the forum proudly called themselves) got

12 Sep 2017

In memory of Madras and medicine

A movement to bring down the statue of James Marion Sims is escalating in the part of the world that has just witnessed a coast-to-coast solar eclipse.

22 Aug 2017

A monologue for social change

American activist Naomi Ackerman’s mission is to utilise theatre as a tool to promote social justice for women.

05 Aug 2017

All the world in a play

lThe sixth edition of Short and Sweet Theatre Festival came to a close recently and Chennai was treated to a smorgasbord of talent lJury members tell CE that there is no winning formula and they look

01 Aug 2017

The faces behind 10 minutes of drama

The Short and Sweet Theatre Festival has 70 plays and twice the number of actors, directors and writers for us to see.

27 Jul 2017

Is there a recipe to get sure shot screen time?

After my millionth web page refresh and a bunch of desperate tweets, it dawned upon me that Alankrita Shrivastava’s Lipstick Under My Burkha (LUMB) was not getting the opening it deserved in Chennai.

25 Jul 2017

70 plays, 10 mins each... all in July

Through July, the Alliance Francaise of Madras has been buzzing with activity, all thanks to the Short and Sweet Theatre festival organised by Prakriti Foundation, Blue Lotus Foundation and the Allian

23 Jul 2017

Ladies, please choose care over chore

Two women I know have been diagnosed with breast cancer in the last few months. They are both in their 50’s; they are also full time wives and mothers.

04 Jul 2017

Get on that bicycle, put on your yoga pants and be the rebel girl

Have you heard of the ‘bicycle face’? It was a disease made up in the late 19th century to dissuade women from riding bicycles.

23 May 2017

I am body, face & skin colour have nothing to do with it!

Tag a friend’ memes are the rage on Facebook this week. Sigh.

02 May 2017

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