Archanaa Seker

In cohabitation with nature

The author talks about overlapping the norms of environment, gender, and class within society

31 Jul 2018

‘You are unlike other girls’ is no more a compliment

Iwas at a function recently where an aunt left me with a two year old and the words, “Don’t worry, she’s not like other babies.”

25 Jul 2018

Enough said, now let’s do something

Since it broke, the news of the 11-year-old child with a hearing disability who was sexually abused by twenty men at her apartment complex in Chennai over the past few months has taken the city by sto

19 Jul 2018

Nothing has changed for vamps in Tamil films

For a person who prides herself on growing up watching KTV, not HBO or Star Movies, I must admit that I know very little of Tamil cinema from the black and white era.

10 Jul 2018

Being under the limelight is not always fun

My college friend appears regularly on TV and hosts a couple of popular reality shows.

19 Jun 2018

Is Kaala a feminist, too ?

I  start with two premises: 1. That you’re aware of the Rajinikanth film which released a few days ago. 2.

12 Jun 2018

Household chores, waging wars and the mental load

A friend and her partner were on their way back home from a late evening movie.

05 Jun 2018

When it comes to fitness, talk about everything and everyone

The Union Sports Ministry’s #humfittoindiafit campaign brought to my mind city stand-up comic Balakumaran’s piece on Central government PSAs poorly dubbed in regional languages as an afterthought, to

29 May 2018

What more will it take to change the game in the Indian film industry?

The #Metoo movement is an international campaign against sexual harassment and assault that became popular in October last year after revelations of sexual misconduct allegations against Harvey Weinst

23 May 2018

Will ‘namma’ Chennai step up its solidarity?

Two years ago a German national alleged that she was drugged at a bar in the city.

08 May 2018

Ministry of body shaming

The Union Ministry of Health can be credited now with having one of the shortest-lived tweets in the history of twitter.

01 May 2018

Wish to watch MSD and Mithali play together?

The sun is making it obvious that summer is here; maybe I should say instead that social media is making it clear that this summer is all about CSK.

27 Mar 2018

Strokes of menstrual blood on my canvas

Almost two years ago, artist Sarah Levy painted a portrait of US President Donald Trump with her menstrual blood, using a tampon and a paintbrush.

21 Mar 2018

Uh oh, I just befriended the opposite gender!

I  have vague memories of ‘punishment’ — made to sit next to a person of another gender, teachers calling students in for ‘the talk’, or should I say threat, if they get wind of teenage relationships,

14 Mar 2018

You have 24 hours to learn another ‘F’ word

Here we are at another March and another Women’s Day. In the 24 hours that we will be bombarded with things to buy to ‘celebrate’ women on March 8, which is recognised as the International Women’s day, I plead for the following:

06 Mar 2018

The demise of morality in mourning

I don’t want to waste valuable space reiterating social commentator Piyali Ganguly’s note that has been doing the rounds since veteran actor Sridevi’s demise.

27 Feb 2018

A dressing down for laughter & drinks

If there were to be a nomination for ‘The Week of Mansplaining’, I would choose the past week, hands down.

13 Feb 2018

Must have a ‘bad’ woman for the ‘good’ to shine

I bit the dust and watched Padmaavat last night.

06 Feb 2018

How is it a ‘choice’ when you have no other option?

Three years ago, Deepika Padukone’s My Choice video produced for Vogue opened up the Pandora’s box of ‘choice’.

30 Jan 2018

From the toothless HR to the apathetic TV viewer, we’re all part of the problem

Sexual Harassment is now the mother of all topics. Its a good thing and not so good.

23 Jan 2018

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