Ashwani Mahajan

The rupee is not overvalued

In the last few months there was a huge depreciation in the rupee vis-a-vis the US dollar.

06 Dec 2018

Worsening Situation in our villages

In August, the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) released the All India Rural Financial Inclusion Survey, 2016-17.

23 Oct 2018

Importance of e-commerce policy in India

A well-defined e-commerce policy is needed not only to provide a level playing field, but also to facilitate global trade negotiations

20 Aug 2018

Reduce taxes on petroleum products

The Centre may also audit the impact of daily pricing of petrol and diesel, and if need be, withdraw this in favour of a periodic review

07 Jun 2018

This time, you are wrong Mr. Trump

The US Treasury Department recently added India to a list of countries it considers potential currency manipulators

04 May 2018