Ayesha Singh

Frequent flyers’ guide to combat ageing

Co-founder of mature skincare brand Epique, Divya Mehta, speaks of useful tips to guard skin against ageing and UV radiations during air travel

20 Aug 2017

Strands that stand out

A piece of white paper and a ball point pen always remain by chef Veena  Arora’s bedside.

20 Aug 2017

Stage salutes stalwart

Playwright-director Gopal Sharman lives on, not in body but in spirit.

20 Aug 2017

Steps and sounds laud legends

Through the sound of music and steps of dance, the Ibtida festival salutes the work of Kathak exponent late Pradeep Shankar and sarangi maestro late Ustad Siddique Ahmed Khan.

20 Aug 2017

Shifting stories of the land

Using the language of maps, let’s start a conversation about our ever-changing territorial boundaries.

13 Aug 2017

Eternal dance of devotion

Krishna is back and this time around, the annual dance drama by Shriram Bharatiya Kala Kendra doesn’t portray the usual well-known episodes from Krishna’s life.

13 Aug 2017

Streaming new sounds

Paperboat’s music is as eclectic as their cosmopolitan background.

06 Aug 2017

Small steps to a big stage

In the middle of a pounding heart and a trembling body, Bharatanatyam dancer Rhea Mahajan catches her breath to say thank you to her teacher.

06 Aug 2017

‘I was told a woman’s place is in the kitchen’

How did the idea of calling your new book, Three Thousand Stitches, germinate? After the success of one of my most ambitious social service projects— ending temple prostitution in Karnataka—3,000 form

03 Aug 2017

Streaming down soul music

Music has been the antidote to singer-songwriter Akash Vincent’s aching heart. For this artiste, who is performing at The Piano Man Jazz Club, he has always turned to songs to cope with emotions. So m

30 Jul 2017

Deceit in the face of innocence

Sultana’s innocence is her most endearing quality. Even as a sex worker,  she looks at life only through the prism of purity.

30 Jul 2017

Soirée sets the mood for the arts

There’s going to be more drama backstage than in front of it.

23 Jul 2017

Playing politics

Truth be told, Amar Sah, the director of Do Paise Ki Jannat, a  political satire that brazenly talks of his views of brutality of bureaucracy, knows he’s not going to be in the good books of many peop

23 Jul 2017

Product review: Dead skin defence

A tad hesitant in the beginning, I decided to give Diamond Plus exfoliating scrub by Shahnaz Husain a try upon a friend’s recommendation.

22 Jul 2017

Rounding off with a bowl meal

Individualistic and inviting, the new do-it-yourself bowl menu at ShopHouse by Kylin keeps in line with one of the hottest food trends this year—bowl meals.

16 Jul 2017

Make in India makes a statement

India, the land of striking diversity, the place of intriguing sights and a nation of great historic splendour, has always influenced Sadhana Mehta’s life a great deal.

16 Jul 2017

Devoted to divinity

Within minutes of setting foot to the divine steps of Rama, to rehearse for her upcoming show Rama Charitham, Bharatanatyam dancer Mamatha Karanth slips into a state of trance.

16 Jul 2017

Harping on melody

Concentratedly rehearsing one of her most loved compositions called Travel, harpist-singer-songwriter Nush Lewis doesn’t lift her eyes even once till the song comes to an end.

09 Jul 2017

Travelling reels stitch stories on screen

In an energised environment of global film culture, there are still some films outside the circumference of mainstream viewing.

02 Jul 2017

En route to the rising Sun

In pin drop silence of the dawn, 27-year-old Rahul Arora, who isn’t a big fan of early mornings, gets into his car to drive to Hooting Owl Café, that he launched recently.

02 Jul 2017

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