Balbir Punj

Tipu, Hitler and religious tolerance

The controversial Sultan and the Nazi dictator targeted specific religions. Both fought against the British. Yet only one is reviled

11 Nov 2017

Do Muslims feel safe anywhere?

In an open letter to Hamid Ansari, the author addresses the former vice president’s comments on minorities

19 Aug 2017

Yes, we are an ‘Intolerant’ Nation

Rajesh, a Dalit RSS worker, was hacked to death in Kerala. But our ‘secular intellectuals’ as usual ignored this Leftist intolerance

05 Aug 2017

Madrasas a bane for Muslims

In the backdrop of the Basirhat riots, it is necessary to talk about the dangers of unapproved madrasas in india

22 Jul 2017

Modi atones for Indian sins of the past

Though Israel helped India during the 1962 & 65 wars, our Congress rulers treated her as a pariah to appease their Muslim vote bank 

08 Jul 2017

What’s wrong with being a ‘clever bania’?

Perhaps people who criticise Amit Shah’s remark believe that Gandhiji was neither clever nor a bania

24 Jun 2017

The devil now cites Buddhist scripture

Barring The New Indian Express, I did not see the story on China launching its own Nalanda in any other newspaper.

10 Jun 2017

Confessions of a ‘Hindu Nationalist’

The ‘Left-Liberals’ controlled the English media and academia. With their monopoly challenged, they have started crying hoarse

27 May 2017

As China takes on Muslims, Pakistan keeps mum

Islamabad is turning a blind eye to the humiliation suffered by China’s Uighurs. In return, it gets the poisoned CPEC chalice

14 May 2017

Encircling India: from Sukma to Jammu and Kashmir

Why is the government not worried over reports of Naxal leaders meeting Kashmiri and Pakistani militants?

29 Apr 2017

A tale of two Bengali women

Mamata must put aside petty politicking to support the Teesta deal and strengthen Sheikh Hasina’s hands

15 Apr 2017

We have had enough of 'service'

In an open letter to  US lawmakers, the author explains why a Christian NGO in India was forced to shut down.

01 Apr 2017

Passwords to power have changed

The divisive template built by the Left and aped by Congress is cracking.

17 Mar 2017

The Left myth of academic freedom

Leftists dominated academia earlier and substituted facts with ideology. As their monopoly has been broken, they now cry foul

04 Mar 2017

Can Islamabad change its spots?

Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has taken many steps recently to placate the country’s persecuted Hindu minority. But ...  

04 Feb 2017