Divya Purushotham

The power of red

Lycopene has been the subject of great interest lately as more and more researchers have focused on the power of this nutrient.

19 Jun 2019

Munch on healthy alternatives to satisfy hunger in between meals

When you have long working hours or are having a get together, snacking is inevitable.

12 Jun 2019

Nutrients to consume for maintaining bone health

It is important to maintain bone health with adequate nutrition. Proper food habits can prevent the bones from deteriorating with age.

07 Feb 2019

Ways to overcome Emotional eating

Finishing a big bag of chips out of boredom or downing cookie after cookie while preparing for a big test — we all have done something like this under stress.

21 Jan 2019

Foods to help fight depression

One of the most unnoticed aspects of mental health is nutrition.

26 Dec 2018

Improve your health with a peanutty taste 

Peanut butter is a favourite nutritious and delicious snack for many — right from children to the old. It pairs well with everything from fruits to celery.

24 Nov 2018

Improve your health with a peanutty taste

Peanut butter is the favourite nutritious and delicious snack for many — right from young children to old age people.

22 Nov 2018

A vitamin power house

Prunes are nothing but plums that have been dried naturally in the sun without undergoing any fermentation process.

31 Oct 2018

This fruit and nut is natural moisturiser

Pistachio, commonly known as ‘Pista’, is a nut grown in Western Asia.

04 Oct 2018

Detox your body regularly to keep organs clean, diseases at bay

Detoxification means removing toxins from the body.

19 Sep 2018