Dr George Jacob

Calm amidst the raging storm

Recently, I had to attend one of my relative’s funeral. The lady, in her 60s, had succumbed to protracted chronic diseases.

12 Feb 2018

When the dead left us confused

A part of my schooling, from class V to VIII, was done at Kollam, under the guardianship of my maternal grandparents and my mother’s youngest sister.

28 Dec 2017

Burns at one end, has  a fool at the other

As the World No Tobacco Day dawns on May 31, my mind races to my ancestral home where smoke emanating from his cigarettes used to greet me every day as I peered outside the window into the garden, as

30 May 2017

Women not the ‘weaker’ sex

Stories about doctors’ heroics, with them ‘playing God’ and weaving miracles are dime a dozen.

09 May 2017