Dr Lalitha Ramakrishnan

Only snacks, no rice in this first meeting

Marriages are made in heaven but in India, the boy and the girl meet at the latter’s home to finalise it.

04 Jan 2018

A two-word advice everybody loves

Let go.” Go to any armchair consultant. Pick up any self-help book. These are the two constantly used words.

26 Dec 2017

A working mother’s lifelong conflict

I am running late for my son’s dentist appointment. Even after driving in the US for a decade, I am scared of taking the highways.

22 Nov 2017

Getting lost in the palace of illusions

I am not mechanical-minded. The maximum I can tackle is the mixer going off while overloaded. With all others, I am clueless.

27 Sep 2017

This eclipse will last for four full years

As they all said, reading about it was one thing but seeing it was another.

27 Aug 2017