Elizabeth Koshy

Trapped in a room without windows

For some of us, starting the day without reading a newspaper is like drinking a cup of tea that has turned cold or eating food without salt.

18 Apr 2018

Jack of all goodness makes a comeback

The ‘lowly’ jackfruit which till now was allowed to rot on trees and drop off the branches, permeating a putrefying stench all around, has to be treated with greater respect from now on as the prickly

28 Mar 2018

In the absence of a modern Superman

Most people, especially in our friends and relatives circle, are wary of being written about but one can ill afford to not write about certain people who are now a dwindling tribe and who have shown v

16 Mar 2018

Padma awardee who made Jesus laugh

When the 123rd Maramon Convention, a world famous spiritual gathering of the Marthoma Church starts on February 11, it will have a new significance.

10 Feb 2018

Being birdbrained once in a while

Fortunately for me, there is no dearth of feathered friends around our house, be it the common crow, who teaches us how to share food with others, or the rare and seemingly coquettish migratory bird w

03 Feb 2018

How green was my valley then

When I stand on the balcony of our palm-fringed home in Kerala, taking in the cool breeze blowing in over the paddy fields — which, alas, are being encroached upon by double-storeyed houses mushroomin

15 Jan 2018

Tasting memories from my childhood

Certain tastes that belong to our childhood linger in our minds forever even though they may seem too insignificant to remember.

12 Dec 2017

Olive branches lost after Holy Land trip

After any pilgrimage, one normally comes home suitably chastened, humbled and ready to take on new resolutions, even if they are short-lived, as man is the frailest of all creations.

24 Nov 2017

When Kerala robbed  the king of farming

Now that Marthandam Kayal is in the eye of a storm, one cannot help but remember the man who was responsible for its existence, Murikkummootil Thommen Joseph, popularly known as  Murikken or Krishi Ra

23 Aug 2017

Honey eaters in my backyard

Our house has an inner courtyard which is open to the skies and encloses a few flowering plants within.

04 Jul 2017

A dark figure looms over the waters

The family was engaged in small talk with my brother who was on vacation. While filling him on the local news I had casually mentioned the spooky happenings reported in the local newspaper.

09 Jun 2017