Faizan Mustafa

Why all of us should cheer Section 377 verdict

It is a small victory for the LGBT community and they have a huge task ahead in fighting discrimination and ensuring recognition of their choices in civil laws.

13 Sep 2018

Assam list is against humanity

Over 40 lakh people were left out of Assam’s draft citizenship list. India is a land of immigrants. Inclusion, not exclusion, has been our motto

01 Aug 2018

Was Hadiya a stranger’s hostage?

While hearing the Hadiya case, an SC judge reportedly mentioned the Stockholm Syndrome. It might not be relevant in this context

04 Dec 2017

Don’t deny BHU’s Hindu character

It’s wrong to assert that while AMU was meant to serve primarily Muslim interests, BHU did not give central importance to Hindu concerns

28 Oct 2017