G Parthasarathy

India and Maldives Amid a Troubled Neighbourhood

Things changed drastically when Gayoom’s step-brother Abdullah Yameen became President.

13 Oct 2018

India should not reject dialogue with Pakistan

BSF Head Constable Narendra Kumar was on a routine patrol along the India-Pakistan border near Jammu, on September 18, when he was killed by a hail of bullets from across the border.

29 Sep 2018

Would Imran support the Uighurs’ cause?

An attack on military installations by armed Rohingyas on August 25, 2017, provoked a ruthless Myanmar Army response.

14 Sep 2018

US Faces New Sino-Russian Challenges

The Trump Administration has embarked on an aggressive policy of trade and economic sanctions against countries it believes are politically unacceptable. America’s European allies are targeted by Dona

30 Aug 2018

Imran Assumes Office with an Empty Treasury

While Imran Khan has been measured in his references to India after he emerged as the front-runner to be the next Prime Minister, one has to watch out for statements and actions from two ‘unguided missiles’.

16 Aug 2018

No Need to Rush into Uncharted Pakistan Waters

Imran’s commitment to public welfare first came to note after his decision to build a world-class cancer hospital in Pakistan after his mother died of cancer.

05 Aug 2018

Trump turns US foreign policy upside down

India has invited US President Donald Trump to be its Chief Guest for the 2019 Republic Day Parade.

21 Jul 2018

Chinese Projects Lead to Recipient Bankruptcy

President Xi Jinping has embarked on his ambitious “one belt one road” initiative primarily to utilise China’s surplus construction capacity.

08 Jul 2018

Modi reinforces act east policies in singapore

Prime Minister Modi’s participation in the Shangri-La Dialogue was a manifestation of India’s growing commitment to the security of the “Indo-Pacific” Region, extending from India and Malacca, to the

21 Jun 2018

In the Islamic world, India has handled US well

One of the most embarrassing incidents in India’s foreign policy occurred in 1969, when New Delhi sought membership in a Summit meeting of the leaders of Islamic countries and was denied entry.

09 Jun 2018

Pakistan army determined to end Nawaz’s infuence

The army created and fostered Nawaz Sharif's party, the Pakistan Muslim League, to counter Bhutto’s Pakistan Peoples Party.

26 May 2018

Oil-rich Western neighbourhood in turmoil

India has done well in its quest for better relations with all major powers in its western neighbourhood—from Israel and Egypt to Saudi Arabia and Iran.

12 May 2018

UK Looks Eastward to Strengthen Old Ties

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to London was ostensibly for participating in a Summit meeting of 53 Commonwealth countries, from across the world.

12 May 2018

The Balochistan Issue Heats Up in Pakistan 

Fed up with the domination of his country by its Punjabi-dominated army, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was swept to power in the 1971 elections, in what was seen as a referendum on his ‘Six Points Formula’.

12 Apr 2018

Trump tantrums rock global economy

Trump’s trade measures make it clear that he will be ruthless and not necessarily reliable in dealing with allies and foes alike.

31 Mar 2018