Gautam Pingle

A balance between order and chaos

There are two major challenges that concern civil servants.

14 Jan 2019

Use modern freedoms responsibly

You have a whole life before you. You have bodies and minds which will grow and mature and serve you in the future.

20 Dec 2018

The limits of ‘Modernity’ in a democracy

The one thing unique in the Constitution was the right for all adults, regardless of qualification, to vote.

02 Nov 2018

India is in dire need of a new social order

We may become a wealthy and politically strong nation but without a social order that makes life livable for everyone, present and future achievements are pointless --- what is to be done?

10 Sep 2018

The problem with our Constitution

Words are the most important invention of mankind. While most words have a straightforward meaning, there are words which are shorthand for concepts. We use these important word-concepts often but very lightly.

02 Aug 2018

Time to transform the elite

The civil service is now seen as just a way of providing comfortable livelihoods for a very small section of India’s population

18 Jun 2018

Rethinking the state of our nation

Over the decades, all state institutions have become corrupt and are unable to deliver the services that a citizen expects

14 May 2018

Hindu-Muslim ties in the Deccan

The Bahmanis initially unleashed terror on civilians. Later, they came to an understanding with Vijayanagar leading to calmer times

10 Apr 2018

Victimhood won’t get us anywhere

Victimhood has become the dominant theme even in modern democracies where all individuals have state-protected equal rights

12 Mar 2018

When Khilji plundered Telangana

Telangana was battered by seven raids by Alauddin’s armies. These were not conquests as such but extraction of tribute by force

13 Feb 2018

We need leaders, not heroes

A leader who sees himself or is seen as a god or god-like is a disaster imposed on his people

19 Jan 2018

A primer on the Babri Masjid case

Today, the Supreme Court will hear appeals challenging the 2010 Allahabad High Court verdict on the Ayodhya case

12 Aug 2017

The problem with public services

Most IAS officers are subjected to directions from elected representatives with the real threat of transfer if directions are ignored

10 Jul 2017