Gautam Pingle

Nothing has changed in Middle East

In the 19th century, Sunni Wahabis desecrated the Shia holy shrine of Karbala. They considered the idolators as infidels

14 Dec 2017

Macaulay’s Indian achievement

If not for the British administrator, we would have been divided by religion and ignorant of modernity. But did we lose something?

18 Oct 2017

Benazir dead, but mystery lives on

As Benazir Bhutto’s murder case surfaces again, here is a look at the events that led to the killing and the subsequent strange non-investigation

09 Sep 2017

Taking on our new feudal overlords

Feudal entities developed in India from A.D. 900 to cope with the Muslim terror raids. And they still exist in various forms

11 Mar 2017

Cash, crimes and corruption

A new polity, clean and stable, will have to rise out of the mistakes, corruption and grossness of the present system

08 Feb 2017

Hindus seen through foreign eyes

Foreign observers—from Marco Polo to Warren Hastings—have written extensively about the Hindus. What do they say?

30 Jan 2017

How elites are getting trumped

The rise of Trump in the US reflects the dislodging of failed elites in several countries, including our own

13 Dec 2016

Wiping India’s blackened face

It took a fundamental change in the political scene—the arrival of Modi—for the government to tackle black money

16 Nov 2016

Turkey's descent into chaos

As Erdogan tightens his grip on Ankara, the country’s neighbours will also play an important role in the near future

05 Aug 2016

The revolt of independent Americans?

An unusual election looms with ‘outsider’ Bernie Sanders still in with a chance to win the Democratic Party nomination

31 May 2016

Making sense of the Trump phenomenon

It is a mixture of pragmatism, plain speaking and confidence in the age-old American ‘deal making’

17 May 2016

Taxes: Keep it Simple

01 Mar 2016

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