Pay heed to our wealth creators

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Independence Day speech must have been sweet music to the legions of battered industry stalwarts.

18 Aug 2019

Coming down with a sledgehammer on CSR violations

A recent February report said that as many as one-third of the 1,913 companies that came under the CSR net did not spend at all.

11 Aug 2019

Foreign investors flee on tax surcharges and slow economy

India’s loss in stocks in July has been the gain of Thailand, Indonesia, South Korea and Japan, as these countries have seen July inflows ranging from USD 400 million to USD 1.7 billion.

04 Aug 2019

Turbulence in Indigo as promoters fight for control

The simmering dispute blew into the open when the Rakesh Gangwal complained to markets regulator Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) about compromised corporate governance norms by Bhatia.

25 Jul 2019

Tinkering with labour laws unlikely to benefit employees

The caption story said Kasi and 41 others were little better than slaves working over 12 hours a day for timber units in Vellore and Kancheepuram.

14 Jul 2019

Never-say-die print media continues to surprise

In India, though print media has performed well, the concern is ad revenue continues to stagnate.

12 May 2019

IL&FS case: when the auditors turn rogue

IL&FS was incorporated in 1987 to promote infrastructure lending.

05 May 2019

Dangerous war games news channels play

News anchors donned army fatigues and helmets and totted toy guns as they worked up a froth to keep their audiences glued. 

28 Apr 2019

Consumer crisis: why are people not spending?

This is the story of the last four to five years, where consumers are either too poor or too insecure to spend. This is the challenge before the next government too. 

14 Apr 2019

Unemployment, Adani back on agenda, again!

The report says the unemployment rate is the worst in over two years, climbing from 5 per cent in February 2017 to 5.9 per cent in February last year and to 7.2 per cent this year.

10 Mar 2019

Jio can’t be allowed to finish off competitors

Following Anil Ambani's RCom filing for bankruptcy, the telecom sector proves its deep crisis and the disruption has almost entirely to do with the predatory pricing and tactics of Reliance Jio.

17 Feb 2019

Jobs and the unstated problem of underemployment

Piyush Goyal’s interim budget speech was deafeningly silent on the government’s performance on jobs.

10 Feb 2019

A desperate bid at legitimacy through economic quotas

On the ground, though the job data is sketchy, growing joblessness is Narendra Modi’s Achilles heel.

13 Jan 2019

A desperate bid at legitimacy via economic quotas

The government’s performance over the last four years has been abysmal in the area of job creation.

12 Jan 2019

Big bad world of Chinese snooping & cyber threats

From court hearings, it appears Meng is being accused of helping Huawei circumvent US sanctions against Iran by posing a Huawei subsidiary as a separate corporate entity.

23 Dec 2018