Gustavo De Aristegui

Immigration and asylum: right balance amid security threats

It seems like the world has been hijacked by the extremes. On the one hand, we have the irresponsible extreme left wing that demands unconditional open borders, no background checks, no concerns for f

04 Mar 2017

Mighty but gentle soft power India captivates the world

India has captivated and fascinated the world, it is more a universe than a nation with a deeply-rooted personality, a profound collective soul, all boosted by its dazzling diversity.

05 Feb 2017

Obama’s last-minute foreign policies aim to secure legacy

Foreign Policy is a very serious state matter that must be above the political divide. It should be solid, logical, balanced, far reaching, and its aim should be the protection and defence of national

31 Dec 2016

Cuba without Fidel, the power hungry junkie

With only about 12 million inhabitants, Cuba has always punched way above its weight—in sports, geopolitics and international presence as well as military interventions. Some of these are exploits; ot

04 Dec 2016

Tomorrow's India Can't be Defended with Yesterday's Technology

India’s defence policies, defence industry and R&D have become a hot topic of interest in the world.

10 Apr 2016