H Narayanan

Brave enough to live in shadow of death

In our college hostel, for faculty members staying away from their families, there was a long dining table with chairs placed on each side.

05 Sep 2018

A canine pal taught my friend a lesson

I called it quits after my decade-long innings as a lecturer at a private engineering college following my retirement from the Air Force. By about half past four everyday, I would get ready to start my routine

08 May 2018

Horrendous scenes at the horns of a cow

Of the bitter incidents peeping out of the nooks of my memory lane, this one is the most bloodcurdling. We were students of The Little Flower High School, Salem in the mid-1940s. To say that the school was outstanding in the fields of education and sports is not an overstatement.

03 Apr 2018

Mock bomb drills and World War II

During World War II we moved from Madras to Salem. We stayed in my maternal grandpa’s spacious house.

09 Feb 2018

Dabbling in precious art of typewriting

During my late teens, I joined a typewriting institute just for the sheer pleasure of learning the art. The institute was at a busy conjunction in the Madras of the mid-nineteen fifties.

23 Jan 2018

Lost without a ticket in a train

After attending a Sanskrit conference at Bhubaneshwar where he was one of the honourable invitees, he was to return to Madras.

08 Dec 2017

An unforgettable trip with our boss

The reach-me-down Renault my boss had bought from one of his subordinates in our company would meet the road once a month.

14 Nov 2017

A roaring lion in a sleeper coach

A bulging holdall hanging down my left shoulder, I boarded an unreserved second class compartment in the Gorakhpur-New Delhi Mail at Bareilly where it stopped scarcely for five minutes at the dead of

01 Nov 2017