J S Raghavan

Signature lost in the sands of time

Few things are more difficult than drawing the deposit on its maturity from a Post Office Senior Citizen Savings Scheme.

13 Aug 2018

Fans who snorted like enraged bulls

Few things were more challengingly juxtaposed than the struggle for supremacy between the cultists of cricket and football in Poonamallee, (in Chennai).

25 Jun 2018

Ice apples and the Bhagalpur blindings

Come summer, the sellers of ice apple (nungu in Tamil), the fruits plucked from palmyrah trees, sit in Ashok Nagar, Chennai.

09 Jun 2018

Vanchinathan’s gun and a railway station

The Kanyakumari Express reached Tamil Nadu’s Maniyachi junction. Bursts of chilly winds from Courtallam falls had air conditioned the station.

28 May 2018

A marriage made in the wedding hall

Thambiah who may be likened to an Indian version of Mulliner, a Wodehousian creation always had a chronicle under his belt.

11 May 2018

Some give bitter pills, some sugarcoat them

My father, a lawyer in Poonamallee, commanded respect from his clients, fellow lawyers and even strangers. The reasons could be his height, broad forehead and shoulders and benevolent aura.

27 Apr 2018

When a majestic bird touched down

Our sprawling house in Poonamallee, Chennai was not a hub for migratory birds that flew from Siberia or other avian ports of origin on way to their favoured sanctuaries.

09 Apr 2018

My aunt who is not as nervous as Sachin

Many Wodehousian fans would love to have an Aunt Agatha or Aunt Dahlia, or Bertie Wooster or even both.

07 Mar 2018

Clash of cymbals to all-round laughter

In the early sixties, when I was  twenty and a visitor to Calcutta, a lean, bent by age guest to my sister’s place resembling the maestro S D Burman invited me to attend a bhajan at his residence.

14 Feb 2018

The couple making broken ends meet

Parama, short for Parameswaran, was not a ‘bone’fide orthopaedist who breezed through a medical college and took the Hippocratic Oath.

20 Jan 2018

A friend said no to a glamorous calendar

Thambiah, whose visit to my flat is as unpredictable as a sneeze, dropped in this morning dressed in crisp ‘minister white’ dhoti and a roomy shirt.

01 Jan 2018

Humour with a plate of Bhajis

One inexplicable love most humorists have is for gourmet food.  Kalki and Devan, the two humour specialists in Tamil tickled the funny bones of many readers with their feather-soft witticisms.

18 Dec 2017

A sanyasi in a corporate office

The management guru was in an expansive mood. He appeared to be solicitous, ready to treat me with kid gloves.

05 Dec 2017

A ‘diabetic’ who loves sugar and cream

Understandably the patients who gather in a doctor’s waiting room do not talk with each other, preferring to keep their health issues close to their chest.

15 Nov 2017

My aunt and the goon from Rangoon

Anyone familiar with the idyllic world of P G Wodehouse, would empathise with me if I say that my Burma aunt was a replica of Aunt Agatha, who made life miserable for Bertie Wooster.

02 Nov 2017

Asian Games 2018