Jug Suraiya

Whether we know it or not, all of us are Plagiarists

Educationists and academics are up in arms about the increasing incidence of plagiarism in theses and dissertations submitted by post-graduate students doing higher research.

07 Oct 2017

AI, Frankenstein’s monster, and an electronic Milton

Have humans created thinking machines (Artificial Intelligence, or AI) that are smarter than us and could end up enslaving us?

09 Sep 2017

The fatal mistake Romeo made, and the cosmic lifetide

That death is a shadow of a shadow called life has long been the central tenet of many spiritual credos.

13 Aug 2017

Midas, Cloning and the quest for eternal life

Midas, king of Phrygia, was granted a boon by Bacchus: Whatever the king touched, would turn to gold.

15 Jul 2017

Prohibition and cutting people down a peg or two

Prohibition is like the Nehru jacket: an ideological costume that keeps returning despite periodic setbacks.

15 Jun 2017

A voiceless requiem for the growing graveyard of language

This is the way the world ends, not with a bang, but a whisper. And it’s a dying whisper. 

18 May 2017

Humour, and the funny business of mathematics

The mathematics of humour, or the humour of mathematics? You’re kidding, right? They’re as different as chalk and cheese. Or are they?

22 Apr 2017

Poets and prophets aren’t subject to copyright laws

In the film Il Postino, the village postman gives the girl he loves a poem he passes off as his own, though it has been written by Pablo Neruda.

25 Mar 2017

Real illusion: Incredible rightness of non-being

His haunting absence pervades the crowded, noisy café and renders it meaningless except as the place where Pierre is not.

25 Feb 2017

‘Crowd’ versus ‘mob’; village  bazaar versus communal riot

A crowd is the antithesis of a mob. Which of the two is more appropriate for India?

28 Jan 2017

My grandmother and her famous encounter with dreaded Bandit chief

After dinner my grandmother would tell us stories.

24 Dec 2016

Being an adaptable chameleon in India's caste of thousands

logic suggests that if having one caste is good, having several must be better

24 Sep 2016

Goa in rains, a green haven called champakali and an art encounter

But for once the ads didn’t lie. Monsoon Goa is all that they’d promised, and more.

27 Aug 2016

Want to go places? forget it, if you have an Indian passport

Seventy-odd years later things have changed a lot. Or have they? Today, Indian passports are a dime a dozen.

30 Jul 2016

Seamless Continuum of Mimesis and the Cosmic Principle of Plagiarism

A while ago, a report that a senior member of Delhi’s journalistic fraternity ‘borrowed’ without acknowledgement entire paragraphs.

13 Mar 2016

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