K Ezhilarasan

Celebration time at Raja’s ancestral house

Perhaps the happiest place in the country on Thursday was Raja’s native Velur, a non-descript village 10 km from Perambalur. 

22 Dec 2017

Raja loyalists fly to Delhi, keep fingers crossed

Hundreds of DMK cadre from Perambalur and Ariyalur left for New Delhi on Wednesday, hoping that the CBI special court would give former Union Telecommunication minister A Raja clean chit in the 2G Spe

21 Dec 2017

Udumalaipet honour killing case: Death is a gift, not punishment

As details of the verdict of Udumalaipet honour killing case came through, social media was flooded with posts for and against the sentence.

13 Dec 2017

A colony where hearts beat for film stars

Almost every man, aged 35 years and below, of Market Colony in Cuddalore is a proud, avowed fan of one film personality or the other

26 Nov 2017

In filmy-style chase, cops, public nab 3 murderers

Twenty-five km, more than 10 motorcycles with policemen and a speeding car.

21 Nov 2017

Messy traffic helps cops as rowdies get stuck

The hot chase of a Tamil Nadu police team that was after a runaway gang of murderers ended at Cuddalore Uzhavar Santhai on Monday.

21 Nov 2017

A colony where hearts beat for stars

Almost every man, aged 35 years and below, of this colony is a proud, avowed fan of one film personality or the other; unfinished concrete structures, rundown huts showcase the vigour of celebrations

20 Nov 2017

‘Fan-dom one thing, loyalty to parties another’

Over 95 per cent of the people in Market Colony, where every man is a fan of a film actor, are not in favour of film stars entering politics.

20 Nov 2017

Protest against SDAT’s Pay and Play policy

The decision of Sports Development Authority of Tamil Nadu (SDAT) to charge fees from the users of playfields in the government stadiums has upset the sportspersons and also the public.

25 Oct 2017

Tamil Nadu: Pattali Makkal Katchi drops sword, lion and Veerappan for image makeover

No roaring lions, no blood-dripping swords or sickles, no Veerappan and no communally-charged slogans.

16 Sep 2017

Trial begins: 2003 Tamil Nadu honour killing case 

In 2004, Madras High Court had transferred the case to CBI; 8 witnesses already examined.

31 Aug 2017

Sun stealing ‘wind’ out of thermal plant’s sails in State

As a result of surplus power due to the significant increase in power generation from renewable sources,  thermal power stations, private and public, are facing the heat.

19 Aug 2017

State against students? After Valarmathi labelled ‘goonda’, Annamalai varsity scholar held for Facebook post

A PhD student of Annamalai University has been detained by the police for allegedly instigating students, through his Facebook posts, to hold a protest in Chidambaram.

21 Jul 2017

Manual scavenging saga: Now, three killed in Cuddalore manhole

Blatant violation of laws banning manual scavenging by authorities and private contractors continues to take its toll on human lives.

21 Mar 2017

A beeline to Puducherry not for booze, but fuel

Cuddalore locals frequent Pondy after VAT hike

11 Mar 2017

Happy bookday, Stalin!

The political hagiography of Tamil Nadu is no easy read, but DMK crown prince MK Stalin is getting plenty of help.

05 Mar 2017

When bored MLAs sent their drivers to buy book for DMK chief Stalin

Stalin had requested party cadre to present him books, which would help him in broadening knowledge and language.

02 Mar 2017

DMK chief Stalin gets to read and learn leadership

From history of the Justice Party to the conquest of Rajendra Chola, thousands of DMK members showered him with books to celebrate his birthday.​

02 Mar 2017

Mum’s the word for DMDK chief Vijayakant on Ungaludan Nan campaign

Named Ungaludan Nan (I am with you), the event sees Vijayakant posing for a click with his loyalists and their families to drive home the point that he is with them.

28 Feb 2017

High drama as police seize idol after chasing down smugglers

It was a normal Thursday afternoon. Out of nowhere, a police team zeroes in on two cars parked near Cuddalore head post office.

24 Feb 2017

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