K Ezhilarasan

Sun stealing ‘wind’ out of thermal plant’s sails in State

As a result of surplus power due to the significant increase in power generation from renewable sources,  thermal power stations, private and public, are facing the heat.

19 Aug 2017

State against students? After Valarmathi labelled ‘goonda’, Annamalai varsity scholar held for Facebook post

A PhD student of Annamalai University has been detained by the police for allegedly instigating students, through his Facebook posts, to hold a protest in Chidambaram.

21 Jul 2017

Manual scavenging saga: Now, three killed in Cuddalore manhole

Blatant violation of laws banning manual scavenging by authorities and private contractors continues to take its toll on human lives.

21 Mar 2017

A beeline to Puducherry not for booze, but fuel

Cuddalore locals frequent Pondy after VAT hike

11 Mar 2017

Happy bookday, Stalin!

The political hagiography of Tamil Nadu is no easy read, but DMK crown prince MK Stalin is getting plenty of help.

05 Mar 2017

When bored MLAs sent their drivers to buy book for DMK chief Stalin

Stalin had requested party cadre to present him books, which would help him in broadening knowledge and language.

02 Mar 2017

DMK chief Stalin gets to read and learn leadership

From history of the Justice Party to the conquest of Rajendra Chola, thousands of DMK members showered him with books to celebrate his birthday.​

02 Mar 2017

Mum’s the word for DMDK chief Vijayakant on Ungaludan Nan campaign

Named Ungaludan Nan (I am with you), the event sees Vijayakant posing for a click with his loyalists and their families to drive home the point that he is with them.

28 Feb 2017

High drama as police seize idol after chasing down smugglers

It was a normal Thursday afternoon. Out of nowhere, a police team zeroes in on two cars parked near Cuddalore head post office.

24 Feb 2017

Cuddalore ryot dies holding unsold paddy

67-year-old spent two days and three nights at Vriddhachalam Regulated Market Committee looking for buyers in vain; died on Tuesday

01 Feb 2017

At the cusp of victory, Aadhi’s Takkaru Takkaru becomes anthem of agitators

If “ban PETA” is the catchword of the ongoing pro-jallikattu protests, Takkaru Takkaru may perhaps be called its anthem.

21 Jan 2017

That moment you realise Fidel Castro wrote back to you

Even as the world mourns the loss of the charismatic leader, two little girls in interior Tamil Nadu hop about, knowing little how their lives are sewn together with the fabric of admiration for Castr

28 Nov 2016

Slapped by teacher, boy loses hearing ability in Cuddalore

A class 10 student of the Cuddalore municipality school lost his right ear’s hearing ability after his school teacher slapped him with a writing pad on November 3 for not wearing uniform.

08 Nov 2016

On eve of Diwali, these Cuddalore villages grieve for kin lost in last year's floods

The sudden flood on the past year's Diwali eve destroyed homes and left survivors traumatized.

29 Oct 2016

PMK bid to reinvent self, shed its casteist image

Panel to elect new office-bearers; non-Vanniyars may get a chance

22 Jun 2016

Starved of Lifeline to Slake Chennai's Thirst

Life in this agrarian belt revolves around the over 1,000-year-old Veeranam lake, built by the Cholas.

13 May 2016

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