K Jayakumar

Bandhs and the glorification of intolerance

People are forced to observe hartals, even if they have no sympathy for the cause. This is against the very essence of democracy.

19 Jan 2019

Babus and the anger against incumbents

The anti-incumbency factor is the outcome of continuous neglect of the citizens and their right for timely services.

26 Dec 2018

Who’s afraid of institutional autonomy?

Interfering with the autonomy of institutions is like removing your armour in a battlefield simply because it is a bit tight and inconvenient.

27 Nov 2018

Human rights are violated every day

Through a few landmark judgments, the Supreme Court has in the past few weeks demonstrated the transformative power of the Constitution.

01 Nov 2018

Bureaucracy in Kerala must be flexible

After the devastating floods, the daunting task of rehabilitation remains. How should the state government go about it?

05 Sep 2018

Making river Ganga divine again

Megaprojects like Namami Gange, launched with unmistakable fanfare by politicians and techno-bureaucrats, often fail. Why?

10 Aug 2018

A Cure worse than the malady

Central govt officials will soon visit villages to evaluate the progress of the Centre’s schemes. This may damage the fabric of federal polity

12 Jul 2018

Why centre’s new UPSC idea is a bad move

Given just five years, can a new appointee from the private sector make any remarkable changes within the existing structure?

13 Jun 2018

Graft-free India not even a dream

MLAs were held in resorts by their own parties to isolate them from allurements. This is a dismal commentary on the quality of our democracy

23 May 2018

Relevance of ambedkar in today’s India

The social and economic justice that Dalits and tribals should’ve got long ago have still not reached them as facts show

18 Apr 2018

Headless Statues are a Symptom

Whenever divergence and plurality become sources of political conflict and violence, democracy becomes weak and sick

21 Mar 2018

Corrupting influence of corruption

From politics to education, graft is omnipresent. This would negatively influence our youth, which is more dangerous than its economic impact

21 Feb 2018