K Jayakumar

Why centre’s new UPSC idea is a bad move

Given just five years, can a new appointee from the private sector make any remarkable changes within the existing structure?

13 Jun 2018

Graft-free India not even a dream

MLAs were held in resorts by their own parties to isolate them from allurements. This is a dismal commentary on the quality of our democracy

23 May 2018

Relevance of ambedkar in today’s India

The social and economic justice that Dalits and tribals should’ve got long ago have still not reached them as facts show

18 Apr 2018

Headless Statues are a Symptom

Whenever divergence and plurality become sources of political conflict and violence, democracy becomes weak and sick

21 Mar 2018

Corrupting influence of corruption

From politics to education, graft is omnipresent. This would negatively influence our youth, which is more dangerous than its economic impact

21 Feb 2018

We have the right to know

Ten years after the RTI act, our administration has not become more responsive. Nor has governance become any more transparent

14 Nov 2017