Karamatullah K Ghori

Pashtun dissidents in Pakistan

A youth movement in the province bordering Afghanistan has been creating waves on social media. And the army is hostile to it.

11 May 2019

Is Imran Khan’s ‘naya Pakistan’ dream unravelling?

In any format of the game of cricket—Test match, ODI or T20—victory becomes doubtful if the opening batsman of the team gets out quickly or cheaply.

25 Apr 2019

Facing down the phantom of fanaticism in Pakistan

The fanatic brigades of Sindh have clearly no respect for the word of their own Prophet and seem hell-bent on inflicting their archaic sense of religion and faith on the Hindu minority.

14 Apr 2019

Can Imran turn things around?

Pakistan may well have dodged the bullet at the UN, thanks to help from Beijing. But that doesn’t make it any easier for Islamabad to defeat terror, writes Karamathullah K Ghori.

30 Mar 2019

A ‘brother’ betrays Pakistan

Pakistan was posed an acute diplomatic embarrassment—one of its kind in the living memory of most Pakistanis—by none other than the affluent ‘brotherly’ state of UAE.

06 Mar 2019

Walking the Sikh corridor to peace

Naysayers said there would be no progress on the Indo-Pak peace front till the elections. They seem to have been proven wrong.

14 Feb 2019

Police gone berserk in Pakistan

The gory Sahiwal massacre in which four innocent civilians were killed put the spotlight on a perennial problem—encounter killings.

04 Feb 2019

Pakistan’s Arab friends pamper Imran

When he was on the campaign trail last year—and for years before that—Imran Khan’s rallying cry was that he was on a crusade against Pakistan’s bone-corrupt political mafias.

10 Jan 2019

Taking on corruption in Pakistan

It’s time to hold corrupt politicians accountable for their shenanigans perpetrated over the long years when they reigned in Pakistan.

27 Dec 2018

Imran Re-engages India and us

Imran Khan, the putative architect of a ‘New Pakistan,’ goes on making waves on both domestic and external fronts.

15 Dec 2018

The Kartarpur road to lasting peace

Those who think former cricketers can’t have a successful second career in politics need to revisit their conviction.

30 Nov 2018

Pakistan’s sacred Israel taboo

I  remember when I first met him, in Kuwait in 1992 soon after he had won the Cricket World Cup for Pakistan, I asked Imran Khan about the secret of his success in cricket.

24 Nov 2018

Imran surrenders to extremists

Pak’s new PM buckled under pressure exerted by religious zealots, who were baying for the blood of a Christian acquitted of blasphemy.

14 Nov 2018

A Poisoned Chalice for Imran Khan?

Citing just one statistic would suffice to highlight the filching governance by the two.

31 Oct 2018

A new frost blankets Indo-Pak ties

It was a bizarre spectacle that is rarely seen on the global diplomatic stage, although diplomats are known for pulling rabbits out of the hat at any moment.

03 Oct 2018