Kiran Prakash

A political success story: Of father, son and undying family spirit

Destiny is not a matter of chance but a matter of choice.

13 Mar 2019

Politics is business. Treat it like one and make the most of the crises

On Friday night, about 180 of 224 Karnataka MLAs were in two resorts.

21 Jan 2019

Why it is quite okay, and maybe very useful, for Mr Kumaraswamy to cry

Politics aside, scientifically speaking, crying has many benefits, and that could make Kumaraswamy a better leader than many others.

26 Nov 2018

Spirit of innovation drives Israel’s start-up story 

Jaffa shows its age, all 4,000-odd years of it, but alive and buzzing as ever.

15 Nov 2018

Siddu bets on Lingayat divide, adds extra dose of uncertainty to poll battle

All is fair in love and Indian politics. There can be a dispute about love, but none with regard to politics.

26 Mar 2018

Now playing in Karnataka: Gowda and family politics, Season-II

Look no further than politics for entertainment.

10 Jul 2017

A steel flyover propped by dubious track record of Bengaluru's planners

The Rs 1,800 crore project has triggered protests, mainly over its cost — both financial and environmental.

17 Oct 2016