M S Vaidyanathan

Watching Rajini and Kamal fight it out

It was in the seventies. Frequent strikes in my college gave me ample time and opportunity to pursue my avowed hobbies which ranged from autograph hunting, participating in youth programmes—both in Al

13 Jun 2018

Stock of hair worth more than Rs 20 lakh

Any move that the Modi government takes provides ample food for thought for the average citizen.

03 May 2018

Why bankers are a much harried lot

With financial scams of humongous proportions being reported in the media every other day, bankers and financial experts are a much harried lot.

29 Mar 2018

A politician’s plea during notes ban

Interesting that more than a year after the demonetisation announcement, people are still talking about it.

23 Feb 2018

Dusky dermatologist reveals a dark secret

Our wellness club was established informally a couple of years ago by a small circle of professional colleagues.

22 Jan 2018

Great trick that the pickpocket pulled

It was just one of those days when one tends to thank their stars on being saved from potential financial loss.

16 Dec 2017

Mother-in-law’s tongue in the house

Gardening is fast catching up among urbanites. For some it is a hobby; others who are health conscious prefer to source their vegetables and fruits from home-grown trees and plants.

25 Nov 2017

When a ‘first-timer’ left me bewildered

I am not an orator but only a writer, so I make it a point to write down whatever I have to convey.

08 Nov 2017

How I got a chance to interact with Cho

It was 1977. Our college remained closed for an unusually long period of time with students going on strike, sympathy strike, to be precise, in support of our friends from another college in the city

31 Oct 2017

Does anyone have an answer to this?

Even with 20 years of experience as a faculty member in various professional institutions, I still get butterflies in my stomach every time I walk up to the podium to address my target group-the stude

22 Sep 2017

Afflicted with the acronym fever

It has become fashionable for people to use acronyms liberally during their conversations.

11 Sep 2017

Politics is the best bet for Indian youth

Considering the present scheme of events, it would be in the fitness of things for the legal luminaries and constitutional experts of our country to sit down and explore in right earnest, possibilitie

11 Aug 2017

Doing pranayama through traffic

Our Prime Minister can singularly take credit for bringing Yoga under the arc lights on the world stage.

22 Jun 2017

When we were all at sea in the Marina

I had my first lessons in swimming under the watchful eyes of my father, when we lived in Varanasi for a couple of years.

03 Jun 2017

A single strand of hair spoils the broth

Compromise' is the word.

12 May 2017