Manoj Das

Murder for the sake of Murder

Will political parties—and their units spread over localities—mend their policy of pampering the vanity of the simple-minded masses?

10 Jul 2018

This road is a Himalayan blunder

The news about the road connecting Badrinath, Yamunotri and Gangotri is alarming. Can we not draw a soft line between pilgrims and tourists?

29 Jun 2018

2045: An immortality Odyssey?

A mere prolongation of youth or life, without a radical change of consciousness, is not only futile, but could also prove disastrous

16 Jun 2018

Mahabharata lessons for our politicos

Our leaders, including comrades from the Left,  have recently cited the Mahabharata to criticise their opponents. They should re-read the epic

18 May 2018

The many shades of beauty

It is said that Freud destroyed love. Are beauty contests destroying the notions of beauty?

01 May 2018

Daughter of the earth Re-emerges

Sita, for whom a shrine and an university  are to be constructed from April 24 in Bihar, 
is a largely misunderstood figure

20 Apr 2018

The king is dead; long live the king

We have abolished royalty and feudalism, but we yearn for them. Gold crowns and victory processions are common in our democracy

27 Mar 2018

Is there no alternative to Euthanasia?

The medical discipline must not abdicate its divine duty, for we are yet to fully comprehend the mystery of life

14 Mar 2018

Politicians, please spare the campus

The professor threw the newspaper down with force. “What’s the matter?” I asked.

02 Mar 2018

Must Science Bypass Myth?

To explore a myth is not to endorse it, but to probe its core. The Indian Science Congress should not shy away from this topic

06 Feb 2018

Celebrating innocence this XMAS

Both the child and the grown-up embraced the spirit of Christmas earlier. But recently its quiet old essence has been hardly felt

21 Dec 2017

Depression in the land of the Gita

Is this the land that gave humanity, thousands of years ago, the secret to transcend depression?

07 Dec 2017

Let Rani Padmavati rest in peace

Armed as we are with our right to freedom of creativity, we ought to ask what the motive is behind altering the basic nature of a legend

19 Nov 2017

A collective lack of conscience

A woman lying on a pavement is raped in broad daylight. Instead of helping her, people even film the crime. What’s happening to India?

03 Nov 2017

How we can save our children

These days, even students are committing suicide. What lessons can we draw from Ramayana and Bertrand Russell?

07 Oct 2017