Manoj Das

Celebrating innocence this XMAS

Both the child and the grown-up embraced the spirit of Christmas earlier. But recently its quiet old essence has been hardly felt

21 Dec 2017

Depression in the land of the Gita

Is this the land that gave humanity, thousands of years ago, the secret to transcend depression?

07 Dec 2017

Let Rani Padmavati rest in peace

Armed as we are with our right to freedom of creativity, we ought to ask what the motive is behind altering the basic nature of a legend

19 Nov 2017

A collective lack of conscience

A woman lying on a pavement is raped in broad daylight. Instead of helping her, people even film the crime. What’s happening to India?

03 Nov 2017

How we can save our children

These days, even students are committing suicide. What lessons can we draw from Ramayana and Bertrand Russell?

07 Oct 2017

What makes suicide bombers tick?

Be it terrorists or ‘Blue Whale’ addicts, studies unambiguously establish that killing oneself does not lead to paradise

08 Sep 2017

‘How could China do this to us?’

The reason behind Beijing’s muscle-flexing at the Indian border is the idiosyncratic will of a single powerful leader

08 Aug 2017

Killing a million mocking birds

It was a pleasant drive along a road connecting two distant towns, cutting through unending stretches of green fields overlooking a lake.

18 Jul 2017

The sane and silent Kashmir

As the Valley boils again the author recalls a more peaceful time when inquisitive youngsters, not stonepelters ruled

29 Jun 2017

Of godmen and ungodly errors

We run to a miracle man motivated by curiosity or to harness his power. Is it okay to brand these gods as frauds?

30 May 2017

Let’s leave mythology alone

Over the millennia the two epics have inspired innumerable works of literature in every genre.

01 May 2017