Manoj Das

The message from Jallianwala Bagh massacre

The Englishman’s superiority complex led to this tragedy. But hundred years later, have we Indians learnt the right lessons?

13 Apr 2019

Selfies and the explosion of narcissism

As the island neared, Ulysses sealed the ears of his companions with wax and got himself tightly tied to the mast.

14 Mar 2019

The day after the elections

But the day after the event we the people should wonder if the nation’s social, moral and intellectual visage had not turned paler by one more shade.

09 Mar 2019

The instinct of compassion is still alive

From a remote corner of rural India comes a message that matters, thanks to the bravery shown by two teenaged girls.

18 Jan 2019

Politics and the vanishing individual

A pleasantly cool mid-December forenoon in Tiruvannamalai in 2018.

03 Jan 2019

On the Enigma of Hanuman

However, identifying Hanuman as a Dalit in either the old or the current sense of the term would have mystified the seer-poet Valmiki and defied the farsightedness of any savant of any genre.

17 Dec 2018

Lessons from the recent poll campaign

Lately this dark trend owed its revivalist articulation to the spokesman of a party resenting a tea-seller climbing to a lofty position.

05 Dec 2018

WWI maimed mankind’s image forever

Permit me to take you back, briefly, to the summer of 1914—a beautiful summer.

10 Nov 2018

Rising above sectarian secularism

The dozen-strong assembly included the noted Urdu poet Sajjad Zaheer.

30 Oct 2018

Supreme Court verdict and a call for introspection

The Supreme Court’s suggestion to Parliament to make laws to ensure decriminalisation of politics has a message for all.

01 Oct 2018

Beholding oneself as a deity

Is it not ridiculous that one should impose one’s illusory importance on one’s own as well as the future generation?

25 Sep 2018

The fading face of self-esteem

It seems more and more people are fast developing immunity to their instinctive feeling of guilt-conscience. What is the reason?

08 Sep 2018

Daughter of the earth Re-emerges

Sita, for whom a shrine and an university  are to be constructed from April 24 in Bihar, 
is a largely misunderstood figure

20 Apr 2018

Must Science Bypass Myth?

To explore a myth is not to endorse it, but to probe its core. The Indian Science Congress should not shy away from this topic

06 Feb 2018

Celebrating innocence this XMAS

Both the child and the grown-up embraced the spirit of Christmas earlier. But recently its quiet old essence has been hardly felt

21 Dec 2017