Menaka Raman

Decluttering in the presence of the past

Last week I decided to take on some much-needed spring cleaning in our home.

09 Jan 2019

Unleash your Inner diy Maverick

You can make your house look like an Ikea-decorated home if you have the creativity to put together pieces

03 Jul 2018

Diary of a class two student

Most parents are responsible for their children’s grades in school projects, but relax, it is not a model for Google Science Fair

26 Jun 2018

Learn to use your words

I have told this so many times to my kids that they express feelings even when it is not necessary

15 May 2018

New Moms! Adorn the miracle

So much fuss over the Duchess of Cambridge in her red dress and high heels.

01 May 2018

Aburnt dish to remember me by

Each mother has a special delicacy. Mine would be a list of eateries on speed dial

24 Apr 2018

Vacay time is medicine time

Move over unpaired socks and work deadlines, packing the right medicines is the new pre-vacation anxiety

10 Apr 2018

Don’t parent too hard

When you decide to have kids, you know you it’s going to be difficult. For some peace and calm, take to yoga

03 Apr 2018