Menaka Raman

Meet the social media stars

All the talents are on social media and the younger generation knows how to make quick bucks by going online

19 Jun 2018

Sometimes, let your kids be

Even if you don’t take over, even if you don’t keep pointing out mistakes, they know how to handle themselves

12 Jun 2018

Sloth mom versus tiger mom

Many moms force their kids to compete in something they don’t want to, but let them choose what they want to do

05 Jun 2018

Meet the natives of the digital land

Most kids are on the Internet, but it is up to us to teach them to do something new and not just play games

29 May 2018

10 years a mother

Parenting styles are aplenty, but here are ten pointers from my experiences that might help you

23 May 2018

Survival of the fittest means going childless

After apocalypse, set your kid loose on the opposition for a better chance to live

08 May 2018

My children will have to make peace with their ‘mom who can’t cook’

My maternal grandmother’s speciality was kozhakattais.

25 Apr 2018

I turn into the mother of all demogorgons while planning a trip

There comes a point before a vacation where I lose all sense of objectivity… and well, sense.

11 Apr 2018

Laugh out or play dead to cope with parental burnout

Parental burnout is a real thing people. Just like you can burn out from your job, you can burnout by parenting too hard.

04 Apr 2018

Vacay helpline code

It’s that time of the year when kids are home for summer vacation, but parents don’t get theirs

27 Mar 2018

‘Sleep is the new sex’

After having kids, getting a good night’s sleep, or a wink now and then, seems like a luxurious activity

21 Mar 2018

It’s never too late to mother adult toddlers

Mother: Marriage is just a fancy word for adopting an overgrown male child who cannot be handled by his parents anymore.Ha! Ha! Right? We’ve all seen this meme or some variation of it.

14 Mar 2018

It’s never too late to teach kids, and hubby

Why is it that when our husbands don’t complete daily tasks, we never discuss, instead, do it ourselves

14 Mar 2018

Hey you, my child needs to eat, too!

Breastfeeding in public has always been met with criticism. Why so much fuss over something so natural?

06 Mar 2018

Parenting lessons 101: My child, my choices

Why can’t our advertisements be more progressive in their portrayal of women, especially mothers?

27 Feb 2018