Menaka Raman

Meet the fifth member of our family

Well, we are a family of five now. That’s right, I gave in to months of whining, begging and pleading and two weeks ago we welcomed a baby boy into our hearts and homes.

09 Oct 2018

Children should be taught about consent at an early age

Our children must learn that there are boundaries. Boundaries to their behaviour and boundaries around them that others cannot breach.

03 Oct 2018

A child’s play must not invade others’ privacy

When my son was about a year and a half old, I used to take him to a ‘mommy and me’ session once a week.

02 Oct 2018

May I speak my mind?

What you say instead: Thank you SO much for looking out for me. #NeedAHoliday.

25 Sep 2018

What was cool for me is not cool anymore?

I  am a person of advancing years. I’ll pause for a moment so you can all jump in to reassure me that I don’t look a day over 23. But alas, dear reader, my greying hair and growing conviction

25 Jul 2018

How good are you at flossing?

The author wonders if new-age dance steps, and acronyms have aged her before time

25 Jul 2018

Can Siri answer all the annoying questions I get on WhatsApp groups?

We don’t have a digital home assistant. No sleekly designed unit with a sexy name that we can ask what the weather is like or what the name of the new Imagine Dragons song.

18 Jul 2018

There are no unanswered questions

The author talks about how Alexa, Siri, and Google Home are better than mothers, who struggle to answer and clear kid’s doubts

18 Jul 2018

How about a game of scrabble?

Author shares her fascinating experience of playing the word game, ‘BUILD -UP’, with her seven-year-old kid

10 Jul 2018

Unleash your inner DIY maverick

Friends, Indian, country people… the moment we have all been waiting for is here. The big blue box famous for flat packed beds, wardrobes and sundry things you never knew you needed is going to open i

04 Jul 2018

Meet the social media stars

All the talents are on social media and the younger generation knows how to make quick bucks by going online

19 Jun 2018

Sometimes, let your kids be

Even if you don’t take over, even if you don’t keep pointing out mistakes, they know how to handle themselves

12 Jun 2018

Sloth mom versus tiger mom

Many moms force their kids to compete in something they don’t want to, but let them choose what they want to do

05 Jun 2018

Meet the natives of the digital land

Most kids are on the Internet, but it is up to us to teach them to do something new and not just play games

29 May 2018

10 years a mother

Parenting styles are aplenty, but here are ten pointers from my experiences that might help you

23 May 2018