Menaka Raman

Stop being so 2017, try these top trends

Jewellery made of silicone or high-end nurseries...what is your pick for this year?

09 Jan 2018

Who do you love the most the world?

My husband and I like to teasingly ask our children who their most favourite people in the world are.

02 Jan 2018

Parenting teaches us new words in English

...As we #HopInto2018, here is a look at the list of words 2017 gifted us

26 Dec 2017

No, being a parent is not gift enough

...we need to be pampered too, and here’s a list to help you figure it out

19 Dec 2017

Issues that little fingers can unlock

A messenger app for kids will only lead to more behavioural problems

12 Dec 2017

The piggy bank to save, spend and give

How conscious are your children about the price tag?

05 Dec 2017

I still turn manic but I’ll try again this year, and find where Gosling lives

Was it just yesterday I smugly wrote a list of resolutions in my brand new diary? Promising myself that in 2017 I would stop yelling, find inner calm and discover Ryan Gosling’s address? To be honest,

29 Nov 2017

2018: strike it all out

As the year comes to an end, have you started listing your resolutions yet?

28 Nov 2017

Few days of parenting without my ‘phantom limb’ was nice

Last week my phone died. A freak accident left it with a cracked screen and then another freak accident sent it from the ICU to the morgue.

22 Nov 2017

Miss a phantom limb?

Not having a smart phone did not prevent distractions but it felt...different

21 Nov 2017

Domex or detergent?

If anyone has the answer to Annabel Crabb’s questions, please contact me

14 Nov 2017

Answer them even if it’s about underarm hair

So what if they ask you embarrassing questions? Be open about it all 

07 Nov 2017

A global problem? My daughter can solve it

A kidney is a small price to pay for the holistic ISO 9000 education at school

31 Oct 2017

The PTM mayhem and parents’ cry for help

Parents have reached a point that they attend school as much as their kids

17 Oct 2017

Ain’t easy but it’s not impossible either!

Homemakers, here’s how you plan your getaway with your besties

10 Oct 2017