Michel Danino

The Individual and the Collective in Indian Thought

Harmonising the individual and the collective has been one of the most challenging problems human societies have had to tackle.

04 Oct 2018

Sacralising the Cosmos, Nature and Life

Many cultures around the world hold nature and life sacred. India went further and integrated the concept into her art and rituals.

03 Sep 2018

Consciousness, the key to Indic thought

We are not mere specks of dust, but are interconnected. What is the mechanism that accounts for this mysterious connection?

06 Aug 2018

The Universal in Indian Culture

Some scholars have proposed that this is nothing but the popular side of philosophico-spiritual systems that contemplated on the infinite.

06 Aug 2018

Defining Indian Civilisation

In the world of South Asian studies highly inflected with ideology and long-term political strategies, the word “civilisation” is rather out of date.

12 Jun 2018

Should Indian education be secular?

Any decent book on ancient Greece will have chapters on science & tech created by that civilisation. Our books have nothing comparable

19 May 2018

Our Freedom fighters and secularism

Indian nationalism is not about ‘Hinduism’ but about acknowledging the cultural foundations of Indian civilisation

02 May 2018

In India, is it Secularism or minorityism?

If one protests acts of aggression against minorities, one is secular; if one points out  Hindus have been victims too, one is ‘communal’

22 Apr 2018

Bogeyman of majority in India

There is, in reality, no Hindu majority; it is a construct of the colonial powers, who never missed a chance to pit Hindus against Muslims

02 Apr 2018

The great secular confusion

India’s brand of secularism denies equal rights to a perceived ‘majority’. It has no roots in the history of the land

19 Mar 2018

The ‘secular’ solution for Ayodhya

Did the SC miss a golden opportunity to resolve the conflict when it refused to hear a petition by 32 ‘public-spirited citizens’?

06 Mar 2018

The riddle of Hinduism

Was our religion, which we consider ancient, constructed in the 19th century? And why is it tough to define Hinduism?

08 Mar 2017

India’s own sacred ecology

The only way to save nature is to look at it from a spiritual point of view. Our country’s ancient texts preach the same

05 Dec 2016

Gainsaying Ancient Indian Science

Meera Nanda moves on to the notion that “Bharat gave zero to the world,” which she calls “the sacred cow of Hindu sciences.”

01 Nov 2016