Minhaz Merchant

How Modi can make use of a colonial relic

Nehru accepted subservient status by recognising the UK monarch as head of the Commonwealth. What can India do at next week’s summit?

14 Apr 2018

Modernising India’s armed forces

Majority of the defence budget gets swallowed up by salaries and pensions. And bureaucratic shenanigans compound the problem

29 Mar 2018

Can dragon and elephant dance?

After Xi’s decision to rule indefinitely, Beijing clearly wants a phase of quietude with India. New Delhi should seize this opportunity

15 Mar 2018

The liberal code of honour

Those who regard themselves as Left-leaning or Right-leaning are often not liberal by the classical definition

01 Mar 2018

Kashmir needs a fresh strategy

The PDP-BJP alliance of (mis)governance is the latest blight to descend on the long-suffering Valley

15 Feb 2018

Union Budget 2018: Jaitley bends a knee to the poor voter

If ever there was a Union Budget aimed squarely at the 2018-19 election season, which is packed with eight state Assembly polls and will culminate in the Lok Sabha election, this was it.

02 Feb 2018

Theory of political evolution

Unlike in nature, political evolution takes place rapidly. The BJP would do well to keep the principle of natural selection in mind

01 Feb 2018

This dissent doesn’t help democracy

The four judges warned of danger to democracy, not realising their breaching the principle of separation of powers was the bigger threat

18 Jan 2018

Nationalism, in national interest

The Left attempts to discredit Indian nationalism by conflating it with European ‘nationalism’. The Right also misuses the word

04 Jan 2018