Minhaz Merchant


Imran will turn on the charm to convince Modi, or at least Sushma, to attend a SAARC summit in Pakistan. Neither should and neither will.

17 Sep 2018

Inflection point in US-India ties

The inaugural 2+2 dialogue between India and the US will be held next week. New Delhi will be keen to sort out at least three issues 

01 Sep 2018

Imran Khan versus Pakistan Army

Imran Khan, sworn in as Prime Minister of Pakistan on Saturday, August 18, is widely regarded as a puppet of the Pakistan Army. That is only partly true for three reasons. 

19 Aug 2018

The cure for India-China relations

The success of a recent Chinese movie is a reminder of how soft power can be as effective as the projection of hard power

04 Aug 2018

Apex court gives BCCI a free pass

If the SC allows the key Lodha reforms to be diluted, the cricket body will revert to being the unaccountable, opaque body it has ever been

21 Jul 2018

A tale of two Aurangzebs

The Opposition claims minorities have been marginalised after 2014. But if the underlying causes are ignored, the symptoms will worsen

07 Jul 2018

Decoding Mamata’s secularism

Like other ‘secular’ politicians, West Bengal’s chief minister hasn’t understood the difference between appeasement and empowerment

23 Jun 2018

India’s US-Russia dilemma

If India wants the US to be its principal defence partner, it has been warned to stop buying advanced Russian military equipment

08 Jun 2018

It’s Modi versus the rest for 2019

While the 2019 Lok Sabha polls will pit the BJP against the Opposition, the key question is who will be the face of the biggest coalition

25 May 2018

British royalty’s German past

The royal wedding is expected to showcase the ethnic diversity of bride Meghan Markle. But subtle racism continues to infect British life

11 May 2018

Target is Modi, not CJI Misra

The real objective of the impeachment motion moved by the Congress is to intimidate the CJI into recusing himself from ‘sensitive’ cases

26 Apr 2018

How Modi can make use of a colonial relic

Nehru accepted subservient status by recognising the UK monarch as head of the Commonwealth. What can India do at next week’s summit?

14 Apr 2018

Modernising India’s armed forces

Majority of the defence budget gets swallowed up by salaries and pensions. And bureaucratic shenanigans compound the problem

29 Mar 2018

Can dragon and elephant dance?

After Xi’s decision to rule indefinitely, Beijing clearly wants a phase of quietude with India. New Delhi should seize this opportunity

15 Mar 2018

The liberal code of honour

Those who regard themselves as Left-leaning or Right-leaning are often not liberal by the classical definition

01 Mar 2018