Mini Krishnan

Rough and ready snacks we ate as kids

Jaw-breaking sticks of candy were also a part of the school-goer’s daily diet, along with soft chewy peanut candy stretched into misshapen sticks and wrapped in cellophane.

03 Oct 2018

A mysterious garland for a guest in Goa

on a balmy day in December I reached Goa and after the predictable chaos at the luggage counter, was met by a very polite team outside the airport.

17 Apr 2018

The book full of security breaches

I wonder if anyone remembers what it was like before Sam Pitroda brought magic to us and connected all of India including our villages to an electronic network of telephones that actually functioned.

13 Feb 2018

Of a Goddess and her namesake

Lakshmi is a common name but to me it has a special significance because a certain Lakshmi is one of the best persons in my life. She only has a vague idea of economics and cannot balance her cheque b

16 Jan 2018