Mukul Sharma

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Heart of the matter ...did we just nail it?

Here’s some added interesting info regarding this week’s BGTN #2. Try this trick on somebody.

09 Jun 2018

Fyzicks limericks ...and all that jazz!

When an archer shoots an arrow, the aim is made possible by all the other arrows taking all the other nearby paths, each with essentially the same action.

01 Jun 2018

Answers for a change... and rarefied thought!

Want some answers for a change? All right, how would you pick up a shoe lace by its two ends between your two index fingers and thumbs of your two hands and then make a knot in it without letting go?

25 May 2018

Speak of the devil...but you will pass go!

This time you’ve gone and hit the big time again man. You’ve actually murdered somebody. You know, as in killed, wasted, snuffed, blanked, dusted, juiced, whacked, etc.

19 May 2018

The fault in our stars...and the way we once were!

In school I remember, during one of those unimaginably boring algebra classes, my friend who sat next to me -- Sanjeeve or Dilip or something his name was -- would from time to time alleviate the tedi

12 May 2018

Cue Brutes  ...on with the thinking cap!

Did you know that there’s also a 1x1x1 Rubik’s Cube which was actually the predecessor of the original Rubik’s branded cube? The 1x1 puzzle consists of six different coloured uniform faces, and uses a

03 May 2018

Tell Me About It

 as the ka-ching sound gets louder!

28 Apr 2018

C You Later

This time you’re stuck somewhere in the middle of the 19th century and, as usual, the cops are after you for the crime of treason for which the penalty is death. But you’re in a bit of luck because (a

19 Apr 2018

Child’s Play

  ... in a Utopian world!

12 Apr 2018

Mean streets again ... and time to don the thinking caps too!

How can a 3 × 3 × 3 cube be divided into 20 cubes (not necessarily the same size)?

07 Apr 2018

Instrument landing... and applauding creative vision!

I can’t understand why they don’t shoot several extremely high res split-second timed videos from inside the cockpits of various kinds of planes making absolutely perfect landings during 100 percent v

29 Mar 2018

Artistic licence...No offence really!

If you’re driving and notice that there’s a car in front of you with licence plates that read IXMNIZ.

24 Mar 2018

Multiple Blind Test

So imagine this: You go for some dumb IQ or assessment or personality test or the other after having slaved your sleep off over weeks of waking hours that could have been spent so much more rewardingl

15 Mar 2018