Mukul Sharma

So who gets fired?

Prometheus stole fire from the gods which made Zeus very angry and he demanded that Prometheus return it to the gods 1:00.

08 Dec 2018

Kids tough ....and silence reigns!

Three chess players agree to play a series of games for a prize which would go to the first player to win two consecutive games.

01 Dec 2018

Wheels without wheels

Too easy? Then what kind of surface would make a vehicle with square wheels ride smoothly?

24 Nov 2018

Unconditional Air

Meaning you’re delayed by two more hours.

17 Nov 2018

An Antilog Experiment

Whe we first ran this problem it was casually assumed that re-entering rockets heated up due to air friction.

10 Nov 2018

A Returnkey Project

You love your girl/boy friend and want to send him/her a ring.

01 Nov 2018

Feat ball....and goal!

To hassle your friend you decide to set a stupid screensaver into his system.

27 Oct 2018

High hanging fruit....are that much dearer!

However, because of the years that light takes to reach us, there is no way we can see anything from that mirror that happened less than ten years ago.

21 Oct 2018

Untrue Falsehoods

Yes, there’s Liars Club.

13 Oct 2018

How to pull it off....and do a power save!

You’re in a spanking new home where ceiling fans have an on/off pull chain.

05 Oct 2018

Rear view mirror....and some possible sci-fi!

Look I’ve said this before and I’m not about to repeat it again.

29 Sep 2018

Am PM for a day....Better watch it!

However, for the purposes of this puzzle let’s assume you can.

22 Sep 2018

Take a walk-in-law... and cheers to health!

You’re walking along with a male friend minding your own little businesses when the two of you pass a woman.

14 Sep 2018

Quite a phew! ...but who’s who?

Take this and stick to Agra Gharana stuff in future.

08 Sep 2018

Would it be Possible?

Consider the Bible text: Genesis 4 : 13 - 16. “And Cain said to the Lord, ‘My punishment is too great to bear. Now that You have driven me this day from the soil I must hide from Your presence, I shal

30 Aug 2018