Mukul Sharma

Stepping on it...... and not an ivory one!

The ruins of a tower which once served as a lighthouse stand upon a little ledge of rocks that runs out into the sea.

21 Oct 2017

A hard knight’s day...... amid some reshuffle!

King Arthur sat at the Round Table on three successive evenings with his knights—Beleobus, Caradoc, Driam, Eric, Floll and Galahad—but on no occasion.

14 Oct 2017

Sorry, right number... if you can encode it!

You need to check that your friend Bob has your correct phone number, but you cannot ask him directly.

07 Oct 2017

Gridlocked numbers

A 3x3 grid contains the nine letters Q R S, T U V and W X Y. Now if each of them stands for one of the numbers 1 through 9 but no two letters stand for the same number, can you deduce the numbers repr

30 Sep 2017

Cerebrum ludos...... a penny for your thoughts!

There’s a common and widespread myth that a small coin like a US one cent penny dropped directly down from the top of the Empire State Building in New York will kill a person if it falls on their head

24 Sep 2017

How the moon rocks ...... and all that jazz!

Guys you didn’t hear me. When I said that I’d withhold your email ID if you wanted me to I also said that in that case please make sure you let us know where your corporeal body currently resides.

16 Sep 2017

Re-entry level question ...... don’t space out!

The following question was posed in this column hundreds of weeks back: “When a spacecraft re-enters the Earth’s atmosphere its surface gets extremely hot due to friction with air particles.

09 Sep 2017

The probable children...... and one’s dwindling memory!

You’re meeting on old friend at his house after many years and can only remember that he had two kids.

02 Sep 2017

Tilting the scale.... quite a weighty issue that!

When I was younger (though actually I was much older) I used to wonder what would happen if I stood on a weighing scale while gravitationally free falling.

17 Aug 2017

Dock/game is with words!

Just a little note here before we begin. If you’re submitting a problem for But Google This Now please make sure that it can (at least theoretically) be Googled and also supply the answer.

12 Aug 2017

New tons of knowledge.... to keep you up and running!

The message “MERRY XMAS TO ALL” was sent in coded form by a math prof to all his friends by replacing all the letters with digits.

05 Aug 2017

Chess a thought... to exercise those grey cells!

Okay here’s the thing. Now that computers have beaten the best human grandmasters in chess, presumably they would be able to solve the toughest chess problems too because of brute number crunching pow

27 Jul 2017

Tough weak ahead.... with a precocious kid for company!

Four-year-old Gina has a brand new set of bright green alphabet blocks. Each of the four blocks has a single letter on each of its six sides.

22 Jul 2017

Drug underdose....  and health bottled in one jar!

Even after I admitted to a blunder in my eighth clue to the film puzzle as “Turning blue (1995; 3)” and NOT “Turning blue (1990; 3)” like it was published earlier, there have been no correct answers.

15 Jul 2017

Bragging rites .... or being Mr Goofy!

Let me tell you something about myself without bragging.

06 Jul 2017

Birds of a feather.... come in various hues too!

Ever since I mentioned that some people were complaining their emails Ids were being reverse phished after being published here, some of you have been requesting that those Ids be withheld.

01 Jul 2017

Flood pressure.... and all that gas!

French physicist Denis Papin invented the pressure cooker in 1679, which he called ‘Papin’s Digester’.

17 Jun 2017

WatchOut.Con.... and thus the game is played!

I hate to bring this up again but it seems like there are some conmen out there who aren’t really Endgame readers but who see in it a good and constant source of email IDs which they can subsequently

08 Jun 2017

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