Neelanjana singh

Some tweaks to up the nutritional value of food

Gearing  up for the Holi festivities is an exciting phase in its own right, and the food preparation part of it especially so.

20 Mar 2019

Use tamarind pulp to enhance the iron content of diet

The only good sources of iron among the fruits are dates, raisins and apricots. In order to enhance the iron content of the diet, tamarind pulp can be used as a souring agent.

13 Mar 2019

Food cures to tackle deficiency of iron

Grains form the backbone of our diets, and choosing the right grain can supply a healthy dose of iron to the body.

06 Mar 2019

Making a strong case for probiotic food in the daily diet

Although microbes have coexisted with us humans for time immemorial, it is only now that the connection between these bugs, their host and our health is coming to light.

27 Feb 2019

What is the role of probiotics as immunity-boosters?

It’s important  to understand the difference between the dahi we set at home and the probiotic food products available in the market.

20 Feb 2019

You are what you eat, and also how you eat

As a literal description, mindful eating is a non-judgmental awareness of the physical and emotional sensations associated with eating.

16 Feb 2019

Soluble fibre prevents diabetes, heart diseases and cancers

The leaves of drumstick, as well as curry leaves, broad beans and sweet potato have tremendous immunity-boosting properties.

06 Feb 2019

Simple dietary measures can prevent swine flu

You may be surprised to learn that a few simple dietary measures can help prevent infections like swine flu.

04 Feb 2019

In praise of eating slowly, mindfully to stay healthy 

Last week I talked about how eating mindfully is just as important as the right selection of foods in the diet.

23 Jan 2019

Focus on local when it comes to fruits, veggies

Don’t get carried away by a food only because it has an exotic name and a premium price to match...

09 Jan 2019

Intermittent fasting will dominate 2019

The New Year unfailingly ushers in a renewed hope in all matters of life, generally followed by resolutions around health and wellbeing.

02 Jan 2019