Wrong is the new right on Bengaluru roads

Stand by the side of a busy road in Bengaluru, and observe closely. You will not miss it: to drive wrong is the right way to drive in this burgeoning city.

09 Jul 2019

Chandrayaan-2: First step towards Indians setting foot on moon in near future

ISRO’s Chandrayaan-2 is capitalising on the Chandrayaan Mission to further its search for more water near the lunar South Pole

08 Jul 2019

Planning ARTEMIS, NASA waits to take crucial notes from Chandrayaan-2

This lunar station, being called the Gateway, is being looked at by NASA scientists as the future outpost for sustained explorations of the moon, as well as a “base camp” for missions to Mars.

08 Jul 2019

This 4-language fest was tribute to Girish Karnad

The uniqueness of the Karnad Natakotsav (or KaNa) Festival was not lost on Karnad. After the festival, a deeply moved Karnad described it in just one word – “Unprecedented”.

24 Jun 2019

Climate wars? Major India-Pakistan conflict predicted over ownership of water

A team of Bengaluru-based glaciologists have prepared a scientific brief to alert central policy-makers that immediate and advance measures have to be taken to avert a situation.

09 Jun 2019

Most of Sutlej basin glaciers will disappear by 2090: Study

This calls for better dam management practices to prevent excess water from flooding habitations downstream of the river. 

18 May 2019

Bengaluru: IISc researchers put war on drug-resistant Hepatitis C virus on the brink of victory

With the study presenting a novel approach of estimating the entire spectrum of mutants in infected individuals, it will also help in describing viral evolution more effectively.

12 Apr 2019

A-SAT space debris means no harm to ISS or anyone

NASA and Combined Space Operations Centre reportedly identified 400 pieces of space from India’s A-SAT test.

04 Apr 2019