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Fire signs and their love life

The essence of the Aries is the strength and ability to fight for their own goals.

09 Jun 2018

How to win hearts (Water Signs)

These men aren’t the kind to be able to thrive on one or the other in a relationship, therefore one needs to be willing to put effort if they want to keep him around.

01 Jun 2018

How to win hearts (Air Signs)

Communication is essential for Gemini. He isn’t always shy, but when it comes to getting to know someone new, he’ll go one step ahead to be comfortable around that person like texting or expressing th

25 May 2018

How to win hearts (earth signs)

For a Taurean man, his home is his kingdom. He is more than willing to let someone in, only if they comply by his rules.

19 May 2018

How to win hearts (Fire signs)

Love with a Sagittarius woman excites at every turn, and there is never a mundane moment when it comes to being with her.

12 May 2018

How to Befriend Zodiac Signs 

In order to befriend an Aries, it is important to be a strong character and not a weak person as it just brings out the bully in them.

12 May 2018

How to befriend zodiac signs

They like people who are cheeky and fun.

03 May 2018

How Water Signs Deal with Sadness and Loneliness

Cancer is the sign of the home and family. Usually very private people, Cancer has a fragile sense of self and they require a few deep relationships with people that they can trust completely.

19 Apr 2018

How Air Signs Deal with Sadness and Loneliness

They are associated with the nervous system, so they’re naturally high-anxiety people. They need people around to help them feel connected to reality. Solitude amplifies Gemini’s nervous temperament,

12 Apr 2018

How earth signs deal with sadness and loneliness

People of this sun sign are known for stubbornness, materialistic values and a need for security.

07 Apr 2018

How fire signs deal with sadness and loneliness

These people need action and they have trouble with complicated situations that require subtlety and finesse.

29 Mar 2018

Dating habits of the water signs

These people are not only sensual and peaceful people, but also very emotional and loving. They connect with people very intensely, which makes others fall for them easily.

24 Mar 2018

Dating Habits of the Air Signs

These people live for great conversations and social activities. Their easy going nature makes them super affable and charming to their partner, which is why many of their relationships started out pl

15 Mar 2018