Nitin Manchanda

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Star signs and their inner peace

Here are some interesting facts about Taureans, Capricorns and Virgos.

16 Mar 2019

Fire Signs: Their Inner Peace

Aries are very energetic and are most likely to ponder the mysteries of the world when they are in nature and exploring their own boundaries.

09 Mar 2019

Saturn and economy of the world

After consolidation, the benchmark indices shed 2 percent in the passing week as bears took the charge of Dalal Street.

02 Mar 2019

Water signs: Relationship problems

Cancers are the most capable of deep and romantic love.

22 Feb 2019

Air Signs: Relationship Problems

GEMINI- They are curious creatures who love to keep their minds nimble.

14 Feb 2019

Earth signs: Relationship problems

Taureans are determined, sensual and tactile people who have been gifted with the unique ability to power though difficult events and find a way to conquer all situations they are put in.

08 Feb 2019

Fire signs: Their relationship problems

Aries are all about forward motion and taking chances, inspiring people and finding the light in even the darkest situations.

02 Feb 2019

Water signs: Their work ethics

Cancerians are nurturing and supportive who are team players as well as financially sensible beings.

27 Jan 2019

Air signs: Their work ethics

Rather, they should take risks and try doing something new before weighing the cons and pros.

19 Jan 2019

Earth signs: Their work ethics

Taureans are the most reliable people around who are determined and persevering colleagues.

12 Jan 2019

Fire signs: Their work ethics

Aries are natural-born leaders driven by innovation and enthusiasm with independent nature.

06 Jan 2019

Water signs: their sense of humour

They are emotional people and care a lot about how others feel.

01 Dec 2018

Weight loss as per air signs

Geminis are known for being intellectually alert thinkers.

27 Oct 2018

Weight loss as per earth signs

They are known for being calm stabilised and grounded.

21 Oct 2018