Nitin Manchanda

How to make up with water signs after a fight

Making up with cancerians requires patience, delicacy, and tact. Their feelings are easily bruised. They sometimes get too emotional and sensitive.

25 Nov 2017

Earth signs and how to make up after a fight with them

They are the most stubborn sign of the zodiac.As patching up with them is not that easy, one should never betray them or ignite jealousy within them.

18 Nov 2017

Fire signs and how to make up after a fight with them

They are quick tempered and during that phase they find it difficult to hold back their anger and reveal their deepest feelings.

11 Nov 2017

Air Signs and their Entrepreneurial Skills

Gemini, born entrepreneurs, focus on details and learn about the business situations from every possible angle.

14 Oct 2017

The fire signs and their entrepreneurial skills

Aries are very strong, ambitious, enthusiasts and competitive. They are believed to be unstoppable when it comes to putting ideas into action.

30 Sep 2017

Zodiac signs and their wedding styles

Libras always have the imagery of a perfect wedding in their mind. They’ll go for the attire comprising delicate lace and flowers.

24 Sep 2017