P Subramanian

The power of a TV astrologer’s prophecy

My wife is an avid follower of astrological predictions.

18 Oct 2018

When a king finally crowned my tooth

I woke up with a toothache one morning.

05 Oct 2018

A peaceful village now under water

News of my late grandfather’s village being marooned without food and drinking water during the floods in Kerala saddened me.

04 Sep 2018

Renovating the house for a two-week holiday

I live in a suburb where almost every house has sent at least one son or daughter to the US. The other day, I was privy to a conversation between my friends Raj and Srini.

08 Aug 2018

Keeping one waiting for the fun of it

The recent summit between the American and Russian leaders in Helsinki started late, because Russian President Vladimir Putin’s plane landed after the scheduled time.

25 Jul 2018

Catching trains in the nick of time

When I set out two hours in advance to catch my train, a neighbour asked, “Why are you going so early?” I said, “City roads are jam-packed with vehicles throughout the day. I

17 Jul 2018

Much ado about a few crispy vadas

A neighbour looked glum the other evening. He said he had a bad day in the office. “It was much ado about some vadas,” he grumbled. “You better pour out your woes so that your heart will become lighter,” I advised.

16 May 2018

Survival skills of a jack-in-office

My classmate Das became a bureaucrat after his graduation.

16 Apr 2018

Yet another battle with bank officials

I had a few hundred dollar bills left in my wallet on return from a sojourn in the US.

01 Mar 2018

A novice who broke our hearts and bodies

Raman, my neighbour, was known for not giving up. One day, he decided to buy a scooter.

16 Feb 2018

Saving pearly whites from a plaque attack

An email advertising an electric toothbrush costing a five figure amount landed in my inbox.

29 Jan 2018

Patrons, please leave your shoes outside

In Chennai, many medical shops, photo studios, doctors’ clinics, browsing centres, barber shops, photocopying shops, etc., require their customers to leave their footwear outside so that their floors

30 Dec 2017

Cycling under the sun for an exam

One of my neighbours informed me that he was shifting his residence to a place closer to his son’s school.

07 Dec 2017