P Subramanian

Patrons, please leave your shoes outside

In Chennai, many medical shops, photo studios, doctors’ clinics, browsing centres, barber shops, photocopying shops, etc., require their customers to leave their footwear outside so that their floors

30 Dec 2017

Cycling under the sun for an exam

One of my neighbours informed me that he was shifting his residence to a place closer to his son’s school.

07 Dec 2017

How I survived a pickpocket attack

Take care of your wallet. It is festival season. The shopping areas are teeming with pickpockets,” my wife warned when I stepped out of my house on an errand.

23 Nov 2017

Family reunions of a different kind

It is often lamented that the joint family system is on the way out. But the concept manifests itself in subtle forms as per modern day needs of families in which both spouses work.

10 Nov 2017

Whacking away those blues

My wife said that the new maid wanted to know if we had a washing machine before agreeing to work for us.

24 Oct 2017

Tying three knots without a tangle

At a recent wedding, there was a serpentine queue waiting to greet the bride and groom.

06 Oct 2017

Getting chased by monster storms

In the US, there are storm chasers who drive into storms for scientific studies, curiosity, adventure, etc. But I have the uncanny knack of getting chased by storms.

16 Sep 2017

Keeping the palm free of grease

The other day, the prime minister attacked the psyche of corruption and resolved to eradicate the malady in the next five years.

02 Sep 2017

Leaving behind joy and a slice of life

My father would be transferred to new places regularly because of his job. Consequently, my siblings and I studied in various schools in different towns.

18 Aug 2017

Look a gift horse in the mouth

A friend announced the upcoming marriage of his daughter in our social media group chat.

29 Jul 2017

When the big top came to my town

While in school, the arrival of a circus in my town excited me. 

13 Jul 2017

The art of dining on a banana leaf

In most parts of South India, traditional food is still served on a banana leaf on festive occasions.

13 Jun 2017

Summer vacations of a bygone era

During my school days, I spent summer vacations with my grandparents in a village in Kerala. My school issued a student concession form which enabled me to buy train tickets at half the price.

06 May 2017

The postman might not knock even once

Hark, is that the postman?” The question may not be heard in the future thanks to courier services and e-mail.

08 Apr 2017

When comfort room gives no comfort

City life has resulted in us bathing in tiny bathrooms attached to bedrooms. Some bathrooms are fitted with modern gadgets like showers, geysers, fans, air-conditioners, etc. Some carry their smartpho

09 Mar 2017