Sri Lanka gets two years time to implement 2015 UNHRC resolution on ethnic reconciliation

The Sri Lankan representative Dr.Harsha de Silva that Sri Lanka is striving “to establish a Sri Lankan Government-led processes with international assistance, engagement and support.”

23 Mar 2017

War crimes: Zeid calls for 'foreign judges' but Sri Lanka says it will avail of 'foreign expertise'

Deputy Foreign Minister Dr.Harsha de Silva, avoided using the term foreign judges in his reply, and instead said that SL will take foreign expertise.

22 Mar 2017

Sirisena tells Chinese defense minister pacts with China will not harm independence and security of Sri Lanka

Sirisena’s assertive remark assumes significance in the context of the raging controversy over the 80 % stake to be given to a Chinese state-owned company in the Hambantota port.

20 Mar 2017

Lankan naval expert seeks holistic approach to piracy

The holistic approach to piracy should include political, economic, military, administrative, legal and financial components.

20 Mar 2017

UNHRC raps Sri Lanka for tardiness, demands foreign judges in war crimes courts

Council also insisted on the establishment of a hybrid court comprising both Sri Lankan and foreign judges to try war crimes cases.

03 Mar 2017

Malayali family brings back to life a slice of colonial Colombo

Hotel Nippon found its place in cinematic history when it was featured in David Lean’s Academy Award winning film Bridge On The River Kwai.

22 Feb 2017

Wigneswaran admits 'unfortunate incidents' of the past broke Tamil-Muslim unity

Wigneswaran neither identified the “unfortunate incidents” nor did he tender an open apology on behalf of the Tamil people

10 Feb 2017

Wigneswaran skirts issue of LTTE atrocities against Muslims in call to join Eluga Tamil rally

The LTTE had driven out, giving just a day’s notice, nearly 75,000 Muslims from the Northern Province in October 1990.

06 Feb 2017

Indian entrepreneurs want road link with Sri Lanka across Palk Strait

There is a lot of support in Tamil-speaking North Sri Lanka for a road link with India because it will make travel to and fro much easier and cheaper.

02 Feb 2017

Sri Lankan President cancels visit to Jaffna due to "unscheduled meetings" in Colombo

He may have been held back by the developing political situation in South Sri Lanka with a resurgent former president Rajapaksa vowing to overthrow the Sirisena-Wickemesinghe coalition.

04 Jan 2017

Sri Lankan constitution making process hits a serious snag

These recommendations had set off alarm bells among the majority Sinhalese who considers the recommendations to be secessionist.

03 Jan 2017

India and Sri Lanka register significant progress in resolving fishing issue

The talks “carried forward” the decisions taken at the first meeting of the Joint Working Group on Fisheries (JWGF)

02 Jan 2017

Third round of talks on Economic and Technical Cooperation Agreement to be held on Jan 4 and 5

Negotiations on ETCA have become tougher and tougher over the past year as both sides are now keen on clinching a good deal .

30 Dec 2016

Trial by jury not suitable for politically sensitive cases, says leading Tamil lawyer

The accused were indicted by the Attorney General on 101 separate charges.

25 Dec 2016

Japanese vessel detention makes shipping lines avoid Hambantota port

The port, constructed by former President Mahinda Rajapaksa with a Chinese loan of US$ 1.4 billion, has been without business so far because it has no worthwhile hinterland.

13 Dec 2016

TN leaders knew Prabhakaran would kill them to rule Eelam, says Shivshankar Menon

India's former NSA says in his book leaders of TN supported the Indian government’s policy of opposing efforts by the US and Norway to rescue Velupillai Prabhakaran.

12 Dec 2016

Tamil lanka desolate in tragedy but hope remains

After J Jayalalithaa’s death, Lankan Tamil community that had her support is waiting and watching what would be the next step of her successors.

11 Dec 2016

North Sri Lankan Chief Minister says Tamils oppose only illegal erection of Buddha statues   

Wigneswaran clarified that neither he nor the Council is against the building of Buddhist places of worship, provided it serves the people around,

10 Dec 2016

Indian troops were the first to face Japanese ground attack in World War II 

Wednesday December 8, 2016 is the 75 th. Anniversary of the historical event in which Indian troops were key players.

08 Dec 2016

Rajapaksa warns India and Sri Lanka will break up if Provincial Governors' powers are nullified

Rajapaksa slammed the recommendations of the sub-committee on “Center-Periphery Relations” which are now before the Steering Committee.

08 Dec 2016

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