Financial advice: Seven things to do after you bid adieu to work

Life post-retirement can be tough and sometimes the boredom may decrease your lifespan.

08 Jul 2019

Track your income, and expenditure

If there is only one number that you are going to track in your personal finance life, then it has to be your ‘ net worth’.

24 Jun 2019

Financial milestones to reach by age 40

Learning is a good first step – but it has to be understood and applied too! 

10 Jun 2019

Bucket list: 16 important things you should have done before you turn 33

You have done well academically, got a job, changed jobs, chased a girl, convinced her dad, and got married.

27 May 2019

From the author of retire rich, investment tips for young women

Investing is not just for old men. Young women should invest too. For far too long, women have abdicated their role in investing to the men in their lives.

13 May 2019

Measure your risks and pass the buck to insurance companies

The fundamental objective of insurance is to provide a means to offset the burden of financial loss.

18 Mar 2019

Why women need to think of money

Women usually live longer than men, it’s a fact — which means they will have to plan their retirement better. 

04 Mar 2019

Look forward to a financial valentine

In this era of boys and girls earning equal amounts, both of them have equal responsibility in managing the money too.

11 Feb 2019

Finance planners, put yourself in client’s shoes

Financial planners have to have a far more humane and less mathematical approach.

21 Jan 2019

You cannot get rich by just pinching pennies

Most people I know spend less than what they earn. I wish I could say ALL people I know spend less than what they earn.

07 Jan 2019

Earning is not all, saving and investing matters as well

Yes, you need to be defensive too, but it is attacking that wins you points, or matches.

24 Dec 2018

Figuring out the ‘why’ in investing is the first step in achieving financial goals

Ideal with a lot of millennials and I realise that they are finding it difficult.

10 Dec 2018

Fast track an investment plan, don’t play it by ear

While most objectives could be long-term, a plan must be designed to live through changing market conditions.

26 Nov 2018

Set smart financial goals and let them scream out to you everyday

Ask anyone about his financial goals and you will probably encounter a blank face and hear the wheels cranking noisily in his head.

12 Nov 2018

10 steps that can make you richer in personal finance front

All right, not make you rich, but what a mathematician would say are ‘necessary conditions to get rich, but not sufficient conditions’.

29 Oct 2018