Pavitra Sriprakash

Everything need not go down the drain

At the recently concluded Reciprocity Fest, young students took centrestage to present sustainable ideas for Chennai.

16 Feb 2018

All is well with the cold-pressed oils

A few days ago, I was talking to a client about native regional trees, and about coconut trees. She complained, “when coconuts fall there is no one left to pick them”.

09 Feb 2018

E-cycle for a better and safe environment

In this digital age, all electronic gadgets in homes and offices — computer monitors, CPUs, keyboards, cell phones, and telephones — become obsolete quickly.

02 Feb 2018

Soil-less gardening for green crusaders

For many the idea of going green starts and stops at recycling.

26 Jan 2018

Don’t hesitate to pick up trash from the shores

Tourist spots, especially city beaches were abuzz with activity during Kaanum Pongal. Tens of thousands of people thronged these hot spots and special enforcements were pressed by police to ensure the

19 Jan 2018

Ready to celebrate a responsible Bhogi?

As the state gears up for yet another Bhogi, there is a general mood of anxiety amongst the environmentalists.

12 Jan 2018

Get over the icky factor to recycle well

Sustainable living could be yucky to most of us at first! Let us face it, the idea of having to ‘recycle’ anything always brings up memories of torn hand me downs or unpalatable food leftovers.

06 Jan 2018

Do you pledge to save the environment?

As we look back, the sustainability stories in 2017 covered a wide range of topics — ranging from the Paris Agreement and the US, declining numbers of Polar Bears, the quality of the air in Indian cit

29 Dec 2017

Take a pledge to keep the ocean clean

To my utter relief Akkarai Beach, where I run every morning, was suddenly clear of all the unhealthy water hyacinth.

15 Dec 2017

Which glass fits your needs?

Glass brings in natural light and protects the occupants from external heat, glare and noise. Many architects and builders are criticised for using glass extensively, considered by some as a ‘western

08 Dec 2017

Soil it... Layer by layer

World Soil Day is on the 5 th December. Soil comes up almost daily in my line of work as an architect.

01 Dec 2017

How clean is the air inside?

In her 100th column, the writer gives simple steps to create improve air quality in our rooms

24 Nov 2017

Reuse only the right kind of plastic

All of us reuse plastic — whether it is a bag or a spoon.

10 Nov 2017

Detox...and start with your detergent!

Detoxing is an age old tradition! After weeks of binging on sweets, and a post-Diwali lull, it is time to flush our bodies with organic fruits and vegetables.

03 Nov 2017

Ways to reduce water usage to the last trickle

Reduce Reuse Recycle.

27 Oct 2017