Pavitra Sriprakash

This festive season, you can choose to celebrate responsibly

Navarathri is here and the city is in festive cheer.

22 Sep 2017

Don’t panic, it’s just organic!

An organic life has a stereotype — hippies growing their own food, mostly vegan and living in simple ‘earthy’ homes.

15 Sep 2017

You too can prevent river pollution...from home

The mighty Ganges — the National River of India, the third largest river in the world (by discharge), the most sacred river for Hindus, the lifeline of 500 million people, and recently the most pollut

08 Sep 2017

Creating a sustainable society for our betterment

Sustainability, India and China are words that have seen the door swing both ways.

01 Sep 2017

Don’t panic when they slither into your house

The rains had stopped but the ground was still wet.

25 Aug 2017

Why pollute when you can conserve

Pollution is the introduction of contaminants that cause adverse changes. Contamination is destroying nature, making any resource unfit for the next intended use.

18 Aug 2017

Human negligence and water loss

There was a time when we relied on wells at home for sweet water.

11 Aug 2017

Will we outsmart energy crisis?

We are nowadays unbelievably crazy about all things ‘smart’ — from phones to cities. One of the new ‘smart’ fads is the smart highway.

04 Aug 2017

Students, you can bring a change

A recent architectural challenge for me was to design a school that was around the theme of sustainability.

28 Jul 2017

Go the sustainable way, be kind to yourself and your surrounding

Akka,” exclaimed the innocent girl along the ECR, “it doesn’t look like biscuits!” She responded so when volunteers handed her a packet of sanitary pads along with a food box during the Chennai floods

21 Jul 2017

Make something unique out of old furniture

Millions of tonnes of old furniture are thrown away every year.

16 Jul 2017

Future is coming... to your kitchen

Building a dream kitchen can be a fairly involved affair given the bewildering choices of constantly changing technologies and gadgets.

07 Jul 2017

Data engineers to help decarbonise Earth

Data Engineering is the latest buzzword among students heading abroad for their Masters in ivy-league schools. No longer is proficiency in IT or software a guarantee for coveted opportunities.

30 Jun 2017

RWH systems are a must this rainy season

Rejoice and despair folks, the first monsoon showers of 2017 have arrived. Ambient temperatures dropped, but the roads puddled and traffic snarled.

23 Jun 2017

Now, eat right to be environment friendly!

Celebrate!” all you self-proclaimed foodies; UN has designated June 18 as the Sustainable Gastronomy Day! Food production and consumption have an important role in achieving the Sustainable Developmen

16 Jun 2017

Use solar panels to fight climate change

Last week President Donald Trump declared he would rather protect Pittsburgh than Paris, which signaled the reneging of the US commitment to the world.

09 Jun 2017

A modern and efficient way to beat the heat

As Agni Nakshatram ends many generations would nostalgically recall Chitra Pournami and Nila Soru at Marina Beach.

02 Jun 2017

Let’s give urban jungle a new meaning!

A blazing sun forces people to drink more fluids, cover their heads or shade their eyes to stay hydrated and cool.

26 May 2017

The pedestrian way to good health

By 2020, the United Nations World Tourism Organisation estimates the number of Indians heading overseas for business and leisure travel to be about 50 million! A health app or pedometer may perhaps re

19 May 2017

Reduce-recycle-reuse, mantra for ‘zero waste’

Conducting any event calls for careful coordination; whether it be a child’s birthday party, wedding, business conference, trade-show or public event.

12 May 2017

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