Prabhu Chawla

Handling perception is Modi’s biggest challenge

Last week, almost the entire Opposition descended on Bengaluru to forge the blueprint of an alliance which will try to dislodge Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2019.

17 hours ago

Appoint clean governors with credibility

The robustness of the constitution of a nation’s polity depends on the robustness of its Constitution.

20 May 2018

RaGa’s PM ambition trapped in coalition cage

Some are born leaders, some achieve leadership and some have leadership thrust upon them. Then, there are leaders who unknowingly thrust themselves upon others.

13 May 2018

Deploying derision over development

Is this state poll a battle for restoring Karnataka’s pride?

06 May 2018

FOE warriors shredding Constitution in liberty’s name

In the Age of Incendiary Interpretations, FOE (Freedom of Expression) has hijacked the licence to thrill. 

22 Apr 2018

Playing politics with tragedy mutilates identity of Bharat

It’s politics stupid. The calamitous consequences and toxic implications of the rape and slaughter of innocent minors, sexual predators flourishing in entertainment and sports, suspicious deaths and l

15 Apr 2018

All-pervasive mafia crippling idea of New India

Mario Puzo would have felt at home in today’s India; so would have Vito Corleone and Luca Brasi.

08 Apr 2018

Opposition chooses backdoor communalism vs Modi

Since India is in poll mode almost every year, political rivals continue to repackage previous promises and apply new spins to old issues.

01 Apr 2018

Majority of minorities mock equality in politics

Long after civilizations have passed, dead languages have a tendency to keep ideas alive. In Latin, ceteris paribus means "all other things being equal."

25 Mar 2018

From casual legislative cacophony will rise tyranny

When confrontation replaces conversation and disruption derails dialogue, the subsequent situation poses an ominous threat to the very idea of democracy. With political parties engaged in verbal

18 Mar 2018

Opposition goulash with Modi on the menu

Political arithmetic is best suited to an abacus with an agenda, calculated for gain and gained with calculations.

11 Mar 2018

BJP must plan Modi positive, not Opposition negative

Successful leaders never promise what they cannot deliver. Good leaders deliver what they promise.

04 Mar 2018

Mr G imposes new colour code, gloss on Cong for 2019

The winds of change are blowing, ever not so gently, over 24, Akbar Road—the white, leafy Lutyens edifice that has served as the headquarters of the Congress party for over four decades.

25 Feb 2018

Tainted Congress no Julius to Modi’s Caesar’s wife

After a long spell of vote bank tears, the Indian National Congress is now laughing all the way to the bank.

18 Feb 2018

It’s PM vs CM in vicious Karnataka poll war

It is a cardinal rule of public confrontation that the flagitious adjectivisation of politics leads to hyperbole and hostility. The bilious beginning of an 18-month electoral battle has marked the yea

11 Feb 2018