Prabhu Chawla

Politics of promises hides pro-rich tax rate

Election 2019 is a sucker’s smoothie that mixes semi-socialism with crony capitalism.

07 Apr 2019

Need dialogue, not diatribe, in Age of Invective

Contradictions have defined India for centuries as an indefinable entity where the past and the present clamour for attention.

31 Mar 2019

Slay dragon terror by choking access to Indian markets

If terror had an MBA, Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) chief Masood Azhar would be its marquee brand and the chief sales manager would be Beijing.

17 Mar 2019

Manifesto for India must be moral war for Bharat

The coffers of revenue-starved media houses have been filled in the last ad blitz that boasts of hits and successes.

12 Mar 2019

Use Trump card to tame terror in Pakistan

Donald Trump is the first American president to unambiguously lambast Pakistan in public for failing to contain Islamic terror.

03 Mar 2019

Isolation must to paralyse terror player Pakistan

India should prepare to strike in a manner that would destroy the very idea of ‘Naya’ Pakistan.

24 Feb 2019

BJP aims to minimise Mamata to maximise Modi magic

The BJP’s trademark strategy of Polarize and Pulverize is being unleashed on Mamataland to force voters to choose between minority-positive TMC and pro-Hindutva BJP.

10 Feb 2019

Dole to doldrums is India’s unequal growth story

India is a classic example where power players use bad economics for good politics for harvesting votes during the elections.

10 Feb 2019

RaGa-PriGa duo to revive century-old Brand Gandhi

The political genome of the Indian National Congress is marked with the Nehru-Gandhi imprint.

27 Jan 2019

Dynasty shall rule, but rules have changed

Kid me not, new idioms spruce up old lingo. India’s greying leaders use gravitas as their favourite political pose for commanding respect among friends, foes and frenemies.

20 Jan 2019

From following rules, poll politics is just to rule 

During the heady days of post-Independence nation-building, Indian politics was defined as a battle of beliefs between ideologies and parties.

13 Jan 2019

New 2019 charter for NaMo to revive unfulfilled India

Dear Narendrabhai, I’m sure you must’ve done enough introspection on your gains and losses in your first term as the prime minister of the first single-party majority government in three decades.

06 Jan 2019

Captain Imran his own POW in minorities battle

It is not often that a cricket captain on the field is demoted to an Army captain on the political battlefield. Cricket is a game of chance.

02 Jan 2019

Retired babus write for doublespeak relevance

It is not every superannuated panjandrum who is blessed with a well-paid intellectual armchair at a think tank or a new incarnation in some government body.

23 Dec 2018

NaMo, RaGa spar over election win battle of perception

The voting mosaic in the five states does not give a clear picture of the future of the two national parties and their top leadership.

16 Dec 2018