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BCCI reforms: What principle did Supreme Court apply while changing our recommendations, asks Justice Lodha

The Supreme Court, which on Thursday adopted the new BCCI constitution, has made three significant changes to the original Lodha panel recommendations.

10 Aug 2018

With Imran Khan at helm, time is right for India, Pakistan to broker peace

Virat Kohli’s epic effort and Test cricket’s mesmeric pull when it is played out like a game of chess is not the theme of this column.

04 Aug 2018

Hopes high after Imran wins toss for new innings

Imran Khan is no ordinary person. His charisma and magnetic persona transcend even his outstanding cricketing skills.

28 Jul 2018

Tale of uncertainties, glorious & inglorious

Beginning tour of England on a high, Kohli & Co are suddenly grappling with uneasy questions as Test series comes closer.

21 Jul 2018

Chinaman threat for bullies in run for fun roadshow

In a cricketing world where bowlers get pulped by the pounding bat, to bowl slow, throw the ball in the air and expect not to be hit out of the ground would be considered a foolish enterprise.

14 Jul 2018

Twist renders Lodha reforms meaningless

Talk of relaxing cooling-off clause and Delhi model indications that little is going to change in Indian cricket administration.

07 Jul 2018

Excitement unlimited in advent of the unorthodox

Something very interesting, even intriguing, is taking shape in world cricket. It is, without a doubt, the positive impact wrist spinners are having in limitedover games, especially the T20 variety. 

02 Jul 2018

Run for money: Getting conditioned to suit game of profits

Succumbing to broadcasters’ demand for high-scoring & uneven contests between bat & ball, officials the world over are creating imbalance that can harm cricket

23 Jun 2018

Bending rules the rule of this game in BCCI

Countries with a far more progressive outlook and democratic tradition than India have struggled to root out entrenched vested interests from their system.

16 Jun 2018

Arjun Tendulkar and the burden of carrying legacy of famous surname

The influence that a legendary surname wields can be enormous.

10 Jun 2018

BIG PICTURE: Is it time to disband CoA?

If reforms are not happening, Rai & Co can go because decisions taken by them might prove unwise in the long run

03 Jun 2018

AB de Villiers: Superman who defied theory, Gravity & Stereotypes

For us, he was someone who redefined the very art of batting even though we live in an age where new strokes get invented almost every second.

26 May 2018

Changing anatomy, to protect spirit of cricket

Doing away with turf wickets, expansion of shorter formats  and tapping new territory among International Cricket Council’s working group’s strategies.

19 May 2018

Superman or not, Rishabh Pant India material for sure

Supplementing his batting are Pant's wicketkeeping skills and post Dhoni, he could well be the replacement India would be seeking.

12 May 2018

Afghan adventure worthy of ovation

The phenomenal rise of terrorism-ravaged Afghanistan as a cricketing nation is an event to celebrate.

05 May 2018

Asian Games 2018