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Kohli 2.0: Mature and measured, even when taking on BCCI

Virat Kohli is a man who rarely hides behind silences to avoid tricky questions.

25 Nov 2017

Reality Check in times of extravagance

To be a Cheteshwar Pujara in the times of T20s, where bowlers are like menial servants for their batting masters, can be a heartbreaking experience.

18 Nov 2017

Test for longer format as BCCI bares priorities

Frenzy over Nehra farewell and obsession with profit maximisation suggest proliferation of T20 is all that matters to the richest cricket board.

04 Nov 2017

BCCI suspension of Salgaoncar more knee-jerk than diligent

Video of sting operation on Pune curator lacks enough detail to be considered conclusive, board should have exercised more assiduity before arriving at decision

28 Oct 2017

Picking up the pace before foreign trip

I ndia today has one of the most effective pace attacks in the world, because of which it is generating hope of becoming a formidable foe in foreign conditions as well.

21 Oct 2017

Enough of support, need system

Unless all stakeholders focus on grassroots, India's football dream will remain unfulfilled

14 Oct 2017

FIFA U-17 World Cup: More questions asked than just football played

Gap between India and countries better at football was evident on opening day of U-17 World Cup, so too were our misplaced priorities as a sport-loving nation 

09 Oct 2017

More questions asked than just football played

Gap between India and countries better at football was evident on opening day of U-17 World Cup, so too were our misplaced priorities as a sports-loving nation

07 Oct 2017

India can make future perfect under Virat Kohli, MS Dhoni care

Buoyed by skipper Kohli’s leadership and Dhoni’s complementary tactical nous, the Indian team shows promise of scaling new peaks.

01 Oct 2017

Administer justice: High hopes on new minister

With wealth of experience and knowledge of what ails sports in India, Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore in his new role is the right man to change the system

23 Sep 2017

Test future bleaker in rise of IPL stake

When those with the purse find greater value in trimmed version than preserving the foundation of the game, you know it's a battle lost

08 Sep 2017

Seeds of outlook change in badminton dawn

Hail rise of Sindhu, don't forget contributions of Gopichand and Prakash.

03 Sep 2017

BCCI vs SC: Curious case of justice delayed in game of uncertainties

Over a year after the landmark verdict, the cricket board continues to get away with not doing anything in terms of initiating Lodha reforms.

26 Aug 2017

Curious case of justice delayed

Over a year after reform verdict, BCCI continues to get away with defiance

25 Aug 2017

Hardik Pandya-monium in the making

Already making waves with unbridled aggression and talent, best is yet to come from the new all-rounder on the block.

21 Aug 2017

Sri Lankan slide bad ad for Test cricket

Shastri may be statistically correct in listing achievements, but this bunch of islanders no match to predecessors.

05 Aug 2017

Icons fall in game of delaying justice

Unfortunate as it may be, when the environment around you is poisonous, even those considered ‘pure’ can’t escape getting tainted.

22 Jul 2017

Ravi Shastri has to prove himself

Ravi Shastri believes in living a life king-size, no middle path for him.

16 Jul 2017

BCCI's delaying tactics insult to Supreme Court order

When the highest court of the land passes a verdict and ensures a mechanism for its orders to be followed, one expects even a murmur of protest from the condemned to get muffled.

08 Jul 2017

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