Pragati Nayak

Corpse pose, the only asana I can perfect

The other day, I discovered that I could no longer sit cross-legged on the floor.

08 Jun 2018

When granny jumped off a running train

My mother-in-law was an amazing lady. She lived life to the utmost, enjoying new experiences, finding happiness in making new friends, learning new things and generally living life to the fullest.

12 Apr 2018

A handbag that will be handy in a jungle

Where’s your luggage?” I asked my young friend. She had come running to the bus stop and caught the bus as soon as it started.

14 Mar 2018

When birds in my backyard play Holi

Spring is here! The air is filled with bird songs all day. All the avian denizens of our backyard and front garden are busy courting, laying claim to territory and nesting.

02 Mar 2018

An earthquake that helped a village

As the eldest of ten children, my father-in-law had to start earning money at a young age to augment the family income, his father being the sole bread winner till then.

02 Dec 2017

Steering through slush and stones

The jeep teetered on top of the ridge.

09 Oct 2017

Scrabbling for words with dad

The board game Scrabble came into my life long ago when I was in college.

12 Sep 2017

Tigers which visit me are butterflies!

If I were to tell you that peacocks and tigers often appear around my house, you might think that I live in the deep jungle.

27 Jun 2017

Browsing books, then and now

As soon as he saw me from a distance, Pal of Pal’s Book Shop would place a stack of MAD magazines on the counter for me to go through.

23 May 2017