Pushpesh Pant

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BJP has lost the plot before its term ends

The Three Idiots—we mean the characters in the hit Aamir Khan film—may have found the solutions to their live’s problems by repeating loudly “all is well” and tunefully whistling away all worries.

09 Jun 2018

Winner takes it all, and the mighty fall

BJP could have saved itself and the Governor a lot of ignominy and abuse by letting the post-poll alliance of the Congress and the JDS to form the government.

26 May 2018

Indians unwilling to silently watch the Slide

There are some very distressing incidents that have swiftly been air-sprayed from headlines due to manufactured excitement about the elections in Karnataka.

12 May 2018

How Many More to be Killed till We Wake up?

There has been a spate of horrific news items in media recently about heinous crimes against children. It began with Kathua and Unnao, and since there has been no respite.

28 Apr 2018

It is Time to Look Within and Quell the Fire

Decades ago James Baldwin had written the book Fire Next Time issuing a grim warning about the seething rage causing unrest among the Afro-American community that could explode like a volcano

12 Apr 2018

Is Gorakhpur the iceberg that will sink BJP?

he shocks administered by the voter to the over-confident and arrogant BJP in Gorakhpur and Phulpur are—some suggest—just the tip of the iceberg that is going to sink this Titanic.

31 Mar 2018

Will 2019 Witness Unravelling of the NDA?

Some would say, “The plot thickens”. Others may prefer to hedge their bets and await future developments with bated breath depending on how they feel the crumbling cookie is going to impact their lives. But there is no denying the fact that the ‘End Game’ for 2019 has begun. 

15 Mar 2018

How long can glitter of diamonds distract us?

The scam involving diamond dealer Nirav Modi has distracted us from many other dangerous developments that pose serious threats to India’s security.

01 Mar 2018

BJP can No Longer Remain Complacent

The Budget has been ‘presented’ by the Finance Minister but it hasn’t created any ripple, far less a favourable wave.

17 Feb 2018

‘Hurt sentiments’ not a privilege of one caste

It seems that words, barbed or sugar-coated, are irrelevant in these dark times when goons—apparently enjoying the protection of governments—can terrorise innocent schoolkids.

01 Feb 2018

We must continue to celebrate diversity

As the plane began its descent preparing to land in Mumbai on the day the city was brought to its knees by Dalit protestors against ‘New Peshwai’, there was a sinking feeling in the stomach.

13 Jan 2018

BJP has to wrestle and vanquish internal demons

Now that the votes have been counted and the results announced, all that remains to be done is to analyse the relative vote share, exceptionally close contests and to speculate intelligently or otherw

21 Dec 2017

RaGa has aged, not mellowed like good wine

It is difficult to take anything related to Rahul Gandhi seriously anymore.

09 Dec 2017

Indebted to Padmavati for ringing alarm bells

By now almost everyone and his or her poodle have had their say on Rani Padmavati, Freedom of Expression (FoE) or utter lack of it in contemporary India,  and hurt pride of the Rajput community.

25 Nov 2017