Pushpesh Pant

Promises can wait, report card can’t

The top echelons of the BJP appear to be complacent only because of the many visible fault lines that divide those arrayed in Opposition.

12 Jan 2019

What comes after the fall?

It was not just the anti-incumbency factor that put paid to the BJP’s dreams to return once more to power.

22 Dec 2018

India’s never-ending battles

By the time these lines are printed, many battles would have been fought, won and lost.

08 Dec 2018

Will NDA Manage to Pass the 2019 Test?

The year is drawing to an agonising end.

24 Nov 2018

Of Statues and Bridges, Giants and Dwarfs

The ‘Statue of Unity’ has served us well by drawing our attention to ‘opportunistic appropriation’ as well as the neglect of the Makers of Modern India who didn’t belong to the Dynasty.

10 Nov 2018

Blind faith overpowers reason at Sabarimala

News from other parts of the country has been no less disturbing.

27 Oct 2018

Little to Cheer in Poll-ready Country

So the battle cry has been raised.

13 Oct 2018

Dogfights in darkening skies

The Rafale Fighter deal has triggered dangerous dogfights much before the deployment of a single plane in the IAF squadrons.

28 Sep 2018

It is the best of times, the worst of times

Past few days have recalled to our mind the opening lines of Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities more than once.

14 Sep 2018

1984 Anti-Sikh Riots Cannot Be Wished Away

Trust RaGa to make a gaffe and spoil the party when everything seemed to be on a roll for him. Addressing a handpicked sympathetic audience he has come out with the gem that Congress had

30 Aug 2018

Nothing to be Upbeat About in the 72nd Year

As India celebrated its independence, it was natural for our thoughts to turn not only to achievements but also to challenges and opportunities.

16 Aug 2018

BJP Ought to Crack the Whip at the Earliest

India continues to oppose the ‘One Belt One Road’ project and China continues to slowly advance its pincer movement.

04 Aug 2018

It’s high time we got back to serious business

It’s difficult to deny that the number of persons who can talk courageously to those in power has shrunk in the past months.

21 Jul 2018

Sideshows Bury Dangerous Developments

As we are approaching 2019, the signs of stress are showing among not only the rank and file but also in higher echelons of command.

08 Jul 2018

Mandate to rule no permanent carte blanche

True to form, Arvind Kejriwal created a storm in the tea cup and once again the BJP’s leadership has allowed it to become more threatening like a twister.

21 Jun 2018