Rajeev Tamhankar

The beginning of an era of interactive content start-ups

Immersive technologies like augmented reality, mixed reality and virtual reality have been subjects of interest to entrepreneurs for long.

21 Mar 2019

To build a business relationship

Networking is cool! You can get referrals for almost everything — hiring, legal advice, tax advice, company incorporation advice and what not.

31 Jan 2019

Entrepreneurship through Indian moral stories

Previously we discussed about how the spirit of entrepreneurship could be inculcated among the children.

24 Jan 2019

Team engagement: A key ingredient 

If the team is not engaged in your start-up, you will find quit exits, discomforts and complaints.

09 Jan 2019

What a year for start-ups!

 After the Facebook data leakage and then a string of numerous accusations on various start-ups, government took the matter of personal data and fake news seriously.

26 Dec 2018

Use videos to boost brand presence

An average person is spending much more time online today than on streets or on reading newspapers and magazines.

19 Dec 2018

How to build products for new india

India is evolving everyday.

12 Dec 2018

Raising capital for prototype testing

Funds are very important during initial days to launch a prototype.

05 Dec 2018

Nominations on for national awards for start-up founders

In today’s article I will be talking about these awards so that you can benefit and apply for them before the deadline, November 16, 2018.

14 Nov 2018

How we reached 30K subscribers in 30 days

Ever since we crossed 1,000 subscribers in one day on our July anniversary, we had been wondering on how to sustain this growth.

07 Nov 2018

Work-life balance for entrepreneurs

A work-life balance is a must for entrepreneurs.

10 Oct 2018

How bootstrapping helps your start-up

Most entrepreneurs today want to start-up by raising funds.

19 Sep 2018