Rajeev Tamhankar

The concept of crowdfunding for budding entrepreneurs

In a lot of western countries, Kickstarter and Indiegogo have been among the leading crowdfunding platforms.

13 Jun 2018

Lessons learned from the great deal

Walmart acquiring Flipkart’s 77% stake for $16 billion created quite the buzz last week. Some welcomed the news, some had apprehensions, others outrightly protested it.

16 May 2018

VED Principle for a successful business

VED Analysis is a popular inventory management strategy that classifies material according to their criticality for the business into three categories of Vital, Essential and Desirable.

09 May 2018

How to build a core team to reach your goal quickly

What’s fun chasing some quest without few partners in crime? A team keeps each other motivated, inspired and helps collectively reach a goal, which might seem formidable all alone.

02 May 2018

How to make most of the events

Events are exciting! Aren’t they! A lot of startup entrepreneurs visit umpteen events and exhibitions to network and exchange cards, in hope for potential partnerships.

24 Jan 2018

Choose speed over perfection, always!

We always dream about starting something, but are never able to do it. Why? Because we keep waiting for the perfect moment.

22 Nov 2017

Here’s how you drive content to social media pages

Last week we discussed about social media content. Today we will discuss on the next important aspect — how to increase the reach.

20 Oct 2017

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