Rajeev Tamhankar

How to pivot in a start-up

Pivots are essential to a start-up.

05 Sep 2018

Metros vs non-metros

As of today, it seems more than 70% start-ups of India are based in metros. But do you really need a metro or can you work on a start-up idea from a non-metro too? And what are the pros and cons?
Pros of metros for start-ups

22 Aug 2018

The concept of crowdfunding for budding entrepreneurs

In a lot of western countries, Kickstarter and Indiegogo have been among the leading crowdfunding platforms.

13 Jun 2018

Lessons learned from the great deal

Walmart acquiring Flipkart’s 77% stake for $16 billion created quite the buzz last week. Some welcomed the news, some had apprehensions, others outrightly protested it.

16 May 2018

VED Principle for a successful business

VED Analysis is a popular inventory management strategy that classifies material according to their criticality for the business into three categories of Vital, Essential and Desirable.

09 May 2018

How to build a core team to reach your goal quickly

What’s fun chasing some quest without few partners in crime? A team keeps each other motivated, inspired and helps collectively reach a goal, which might seem formidable all alone.

02 May 2018

How to make most of the events

Events are exciting! Aren’t they! A lot of startup entrepreneurs visit umpteen events and exhibitions to network and exchange cards, in hope for potential partnerships.

24 Jan 2018