Rajeev Tamhankar

Engaging a team meaningfully 

A startup needs to hustle and requires the entrepreneur to run all the way to the top of the mountain.

12 Jul 2018

How to maintain a work-life balance

Often a lot of entrepreneurs get so involved in their startup, that they forget about their personal lives, their well-being and their health.

27 Jun 2018

How to build confidence in young entrepreneurs

Confidence is important in all aspects of life — but especially if you choose to become an entrepreneur.

20 Jun 2018

Rajasthan opens cool opportunities for startups

Lately, we are seeing various state governments coming forward with attractive partnership options for entrepreneurs.

07 Jun 2018

Try this growth hack to kick start your business

In the initial days of startup, no one knows about your product. Very few understand your product and even fewer want to buy it.

30 May 2018

Choose your incubator wisely

Rajeev Tamhankar writes on how to choose the right incubator

19 Apr 2018

Video content is king in social media marketing

Let’s face it. This is the age of social media.

28 Mar 2018

The ingredients to become a successful entrepreneur

A lot of us often wonder why some entrepreneurs succeed and others don’t.

21 Mar 2018

Art of prioritisation for tasks to move smoothly

If you are a student then you are in an amazing place to plan a startup. This is the stage of life when people will work for you just for friendship and not for money.

09 Mar 2018

Here’s how you can stay positive and enjoy work

In a startup journey you will discover things about yourself and the startup life in a way that won’t be possible in a regular corporate job.

28 Feb 2018

No funds to make your startup dream a reality? Worry not

Most people don’t start their startup ventures because they feel they don’t have the capital to do so. But here’s the good news.

21 Feb 2018

Routine Management for Entrepreneurs

 Last week we discussed about how to prioritize tasks. Today, we will be talking about routine management – a problem that most entrepreneurs always find themselves into! 

15 Feb 2018

New entrepreneurs, learn to manage your work-life balance

L­ast week we discussed about how to prioritise tasks. Today, we will be talking about routine management — a problem that most entrepreneurs frequently face.

14 Feb 2018

Prioritisation : An effective mindset

 Entrepreneurs almost always have so many duties and responsibilities to fulfil that it gets very difficult to focus on just one issue.

08 Feb 2018